Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yahoo 360 to Blogger

Some of my readers have noticed that I am transferring my Yahoo 360 posts to Blogger. Yahoo 360, as we know it, will close on July 12th . If you do nothing, it is goodbye forever.

There is no easy way but this is what I have done to make it less painful and avoid the stress of July 12th fast approaching.

Open the Yahoo 360 e-mail that you received and select "take entries elsewhere". Make sure that your e-mail address is correct as a confirmation when the files have been downloaded will be sent to you. Wait about 30 minutes and if it appears to be "in limbo", close that screen and check your e-mail. It will probably be there.

REMEMBER WHERE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THOSE FILES. There will be a "zip folder" (a compressed file). If you open that folder, there will be two files, one is for the text and the other is for your pictures. It IS IMPORTANT that you keep those two files in the same folder. (I learned the hard way.)

Go to WordPress, select upload Yahoo 360 posts and upload that zip folder. You will find that link in the left side panel. You may have to look closely as I didn't see it at first.

Once uploaded, all of your posts, including pictures will be in posts on WordPress including the comments.

Unfortunately, there is no getting around it. You will have to copy and paste to Blogger as Blogger has not developed a tool to do that. You will save yourself the pain of July 12th.

I schedule my posts in Blogger ahead of time, one or two per day, selecting "post options" at the bottome of that post entry screen. Otherwise, your regular readers will have their Blogger Reader flooded. I note that it was a previous post on Yahoo so that my longtime readers do not feel they have to read my posts or comment again.

Hope this helps. If anyone reading this knows a better way, please comment.


  1. Ok. Sorry I filled your Blogger reader. :( I didn't think about that part of the equation.

    I'm glad you are moving your posts too. ;)

  2. Once you have uploaded it to wordpress. You can Export that wordpress blog file to your desktop. Then you can use a converter application made by google open source http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com/ you can convert that wordpress file to blogger file and then go to blogger open your blog, go to settings and then click on import blog. select the file converted by the application and just click import. your 360 Blog is on blogger with the comments :)