Monday, June 29, 2009

Attention All Former Yahoo 360 Bloggers!!!

Someone left me the following comment which is great if you were a Yahoo 360 blogger and want to import your posts and comments into your current host, "Blogger", so that you don't want to lose that part of your craft life to the internet graveyard. Thank you Sanskar. I couldn't respond to you as the return e-mail address has a "no reply".

Sanskar has left a new comment on your post "Yahoo 360 to Blogger":
Once you have uploaded it to wordpress. You can Export that wordpress blog file to your desktop. Then you can use a converter application made by google open source you can convert that wordpress file to blogger file and then go to blogger open your blog, go to settings and then click on import blog. select the file converted by the application and just click import. your 360 Blog is on blogger with the comments :)


  1. I went to yahoo(right clicked on the message )in one post and it gave me the option
    to ( send to) ; I choose bloggers from the list they gave. then I saved the picture (s) to my desktop .
    The message opened in a new post box from bloggers ,I clicked on (save to draft).
    then went there and clicked (on edit) ; it opened again in the new post . I clicked on add picture and added from my desk top ...Bingo ..I moved my post from Yahoo to blogger. Easy for me.
    I am not too computer savory...

  2. Hey HI!! Yeah this way can be very long and can be little problematic too. here I found a new tool NOT developed by Google.

    This is a very nice application which you have to install on you computer it can export/import blogs from different platforms to other platforms (wordpress, blogger, live journal, msn spaces etc.) it is easy to use. just select source blog and select destination blog and you're done. The Developer has also give a nice manual to use this tool, which is of great help. You will find all this on the above link. take Care :)

  3. hmm But the method I have described above won't transfer your comments. This is still a bug, Hope it would be fixed soon :)

  4. Hey, this is great! Thanks for posting it! I've been wondering how to get my old 360 posts over to blogger more easily and now I know :)