Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ilga's Socks - Part 2

I am feeling the love for this knitting project. It’s not really that difficult, but it is a little time-consuming. However, the fact that is is straight knitting for part of the leg and all of the foot speeds up the project. I like the way the pattern is centered on the front of the sock.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to follow these knitting rules...... changing yarn colors or yarn dominance....but the philosophy of a very wise, older knitter (a/k/a Joansie) is:

"If you make the same mistake more than once, it is now considered a pattern."

The inside looks pretty good! You think? Rule of thumb is that floats should be no longer than five stitches. I may have stretched the rule in a couple of places.

I hope I don’t have that dreaded disease called SSS (single sock syndrome). I've yet to find a cure for that illness. I’ve started two other projects since completing this one. My excuse was that the pattern was too difficult to follow on my plane trip last week, so I forged ahead with other knitting.

Thank you all for your support regarding my last post regarding difficulties with my mother. I truly am happy to be home again from Colorado and regain some sense of saneness and normalcy.

I had no time at all to knit while I was with my mom. I should have clarified that mom's is actually two hours away from Denver. The Denver area has some beautiful places but the area my mother lives in is rather unscenic (i.e. ugly). I left just in time as the day after my departure, the area had more tornadoes and so much hail that the plow trucks had to be used to clear the roads.

Check out this site Resweater. It is one of my favorites. Two posts back has the neatest mittens.

Don't forget that tomorrow is "World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIPD)". groups for your state will tell you where one is being held in your area. There are several locations in Vermont, one being in City Hall Park in Burlington starting at 9:00 a.m.

I think you will like the other two projects I am knitting. One may be a contest giveaway and I’ll decide on that as soon as I figure out if my alterations to the pattern are acceptable. I know, I’m teasing you but doesn’t everyone like a surprise. So, stay posted.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Oh, this sock is almost too pretty to wear! LOL! It sure is beautiful!

  2. Gorgeous sock! You have so much more knitting patience than I'll ever have!

  3. You never cease to amaze me with your knitting! Fabulous is all I can think to say. Fabulous!

  4. Your right Joansie. It does seem like yesterday that Alysse was born. Time sure is moving faster now that I'm getting lder. STOP the world,I want to stay young!

  5. Joansie, those socks are absolutely beautiful. One of these days I'll have to do some straded socks as well. Maybe part of the 52 in 52 weeks. Hope you are feeling fine. Renate