Monday, June 29, 2009

Goldilocks and Knitting!

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on March 3, 2008.

I’ve been feeling like a slightly (ok, more than slightly) older version of Goldilocks.

A new baby girl in my family is due to arrive mid-May. I don’t know if Kaleigh Noella will receive any other hand-knitted items but I felt that at least one from me was warranted. That’s not counting the six pack of bibs I knitted for her and blogged about a couple months ago.

I revived the above project that was started when I first learned Mothers Day Weekend of 2006 that I would be having another grandchild. I already had two grandsons so I quickly purchased pink yarn and started knitting only to discover it would be another boy. (By the way, loved just as much!) I abandoned the sweater even though the yarn, Plymouth Dream Baby” is wonderful to work with. I made a lot of progress last week on the sweater since picking up from just above the “lacy” portion.

Because I am knitting with size 1 needles, I decided I might not be able to complete it in time for the baby shower on April 13th. After all, I haven’t done my taxes yet and I don’t want my yarn dollars to be awarded to IRS penalties and fees, or worse yet, end up knitting in jail. Hmmmm….do they allow knitting needles in jail? Maybe for good behavior?

Then I decided to knit this Elizabeth Zimmermann baby sweater that I have just been itching to knit. Problem is the yarn is not soft enough! Will it soften up once washed with conditioner? What would Goldilocks do? She’d try something else, of course.

So last week, while at Webs, I purchased Valley Yarn’s cotton and bamboo yarn. It is a dream to knit with…..and on size 4 needles, it feels JUST RIGHT!

The rosettes have not yet been permanently attached. I love the buttons. This project is costing quite a bit more than I anticipated but it is special.
All of this knitting explains some of my absence from the blog world. Crazy as it may sound, I’ve also started a couple of other projects. I’ve also completed one that has not been mentioned yet as it has not yet been mailed to the recipient.

Which sweater is your favorite?

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi Joansie, thanks for visiting my blog; I went to the obamafoodarama site but there was so much going on on it that I got lost; maybe there was another post on the gardening?

  2. Well, they are all very pretty, but the rosettes really tip the scale. So rosettes it is for me.

  3. Joansie,
    I have not been on for a bit. Just not up to it.
    I am enjoying reading your yahoo blog post .Know I must have read them in the past but,yes I have forgotten,LOL
    Did you do a picture of the finished rosette sweater? Of course that is my pick of the two.
    I 'm off to my sister in laws to get early apples to make freezer applesauce this after noon.