Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Knitting Friends...I've Missed You!

It’s been almost a year since I have blogged. I hope I haven’t lost my readership. My laptop died and I just was not finding an app for my IPad that I liked for Blogger and I did not want to switch to WordPress. I have now purchased a new IMac Air laptop.

I was hospitalized on August 29th for a double knee replacement. Being on pain meds plays tricks with your brain. It’s not easy to focus on a pattern so I started these self-striping socks that is just your basic sock pattern.

While in rehab, a co-worker who bikes to work would then bike 10 miles out of her way to visit with me. On one of her visits, she had her husband with her and grabbed these socks, and commented how beautiful they were. I knew these socks had to be hers.  

My friend and co-worker Jane was moving into her new house when I called her the first week I was home from the hospital and unable to drive. I needed her to take me to the doctor’s office. It was urgent. She dropped everything and came to my aid. These socks are hardly enough to thank her for everything she has done for me.

You may wonder how one decides on a double-knee replacement. After being in much pain on a regular basis for so long, the decision was easy. It was not as brutal as some led me to believe.
So, here I am at the hospital about 3 days after surgery. I look like a “mess” but the meds let me think I'm beautiful and my attitude tells me I’m doing ok and I’m giving a thumbs up.

Here I am about five weeks later and my first day home and finally able to do my hair and apply makeup. I’m a happy camper. My doctor lied to me.  He told me I would be in rehab 8-10 days.  People, I was there five weeks.  He and I are still friends.

During my recovery I was so blessed with so many people stepping forward and sincerely offering to help me. I received get-well cards from people that I barely knew. My good friend, Marie ran errands for me. My daughter came for several days and was dynamite helping clean, cook and take care of me. I am truly blessed.

I have many more finished knitting projects to share with you. I am back on a regular basis to the world of knitting blogs and other things that interests me such as my photography.