Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Time......It's Time

Time to get up for work...............

plan my lunch...especially a snack.

and get dressed!!!!

and don't forget to button up!!!

Isn't this the cutest little project you've seen in awhile!!!!  This apple cozy puts a smile on my face.  I'm tired of fruit that gets bruised because it has had a free roller-coaster ride in the bottom of my traveling work bag.  So when I saw this "pattern" (<--click) on Ravelry, I knew I just had to crochet it. 

I'm a knitter, not a crocheter, so with my laptop in front of me and logged into YouTube to figure out the few crochet stitches required, I was able to complete this apple cozy in a couple of hours. 

Knit them in different colors for an apple, a peach, a plum.  Part of the fun is finding a whimsical button for your cozy.

I'm currently teaching a knitting class on Tuesday evenings.  There's a lot of chatter and laughter and when I get home I have difficulty unwinding and falling asleep.  Last Tuesday, it was 3:00 a.m. and I was still awake.  OMG, I have to be up at 6:00 a.m.  When I finally fell asleep and awoke again at the sound of the alarm, I bolted out of bed, grabbed the first clothing that didn't need ironing and dressed.  No time for a shower, shampoo, hair, make-up, etc.  I ran out the door to what appeared to be a grey and gloomy day.  The front porch light that is on a sensor was still on.  Hopped in my car, turned on the ignition, looked at the clock and realized I was A WHOLE HOUR early leaving for work.  Not sure what happened with my alarm clock but it sure played a joke on me that day.  I was a mess the rest of the day...totally exhausted and having difficulty functioning. 

Today's favorite blog:  "The Rainey Sisters" .  I love her current project.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

"Fiber-A-Thon & Open Farm Studio"

If you are a Vermonter, or an adventurous traveller, do grab your Blackberry or your calendar and pencil in July 24th for a fun-filled day for knitters, spinners and weavers.

"Vermont Grand View Farm"   (<--click)  is hosting a "Fiber-A-Thon & Open Farm Studio" on the above-mentioned date.  The many and varied events are free.  The only cost is a small fee for supplies for some of the classes.

I am very excited to tell you that Kim, the owner of Vermont Grand View Farm, has accepted me to teach a "Beginner Knitting" class. 

So, if you are able to join us, please do come.   Bring your knitting and/or spinning wheel and a chair and meet other fiber fanatics.

This is a "rain or shine" event.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

One Hat - Four Styles

Happy Mother's Day!!!

One hat-4 ways to wear it with matching scarf!
Pattern:  My own
Yarn:  (Hat and scarf)
Plymouth Sara Superwash (2 skeins)
Cascade 220 Superwash (2 skeins)
If you would like the hat pattern, leave a comment on this post and I'll e-mail it to you.

The hat is reversible and can be worn with the "brim" turned up.  It's actually a tube with the appropriate increases and decreases at the ends and the hat is as soft as can be.

The hat and scarf will be donated to a"Head Start" child in Rhode Island.  My daughter used to be director of the program and collects hats and mittens for the organization.  I will be knitting a pair of mittens for this set.
I used the Jared Flood Nora scarf pattern (Google it) for this project but cast on 29 stitches instead.  The edge is lovely and a great way to carry alternating yarn without it showing. 

"World Wide Knit In Public Day" is scheduled for Saturday, June 19th
Check you local listings or with your LYS for location and time.

In Vermont.....sponsored by Kaleidescope Yarn
Time: 8:30 AM
Location: City Hall Park, Burlington (during the Farmer's Market)
Note: Bring your knitting (of course) and a chair or blanket.  Parking garage available on St. Paul St. (one block over).

It's back to reality tomorrow.  I'm returning to work after a week of vacation with plenty of relaxation, good food, and knitting and very little housework. 

Today's recommended will make you smile..."Bitsy Baby Photography" (<--click)

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Straying From My Knitting With.......

I'm trying to resume my "one new thing per month" goal so tonight I took a class on food photography at my local "Healthy Living" food store with Zach, who has worked as a chef at a famous NYC restaurant and also enjoys photography.

Past monthly ventures have consisted of milking goats, making cheese, kayaking, geocaching, bridge lessons and more.

On the left are razor clams alongside crabs.  If you are squeamish, skip the next couple of photos.

Cleaning out the crab of various organs.  I think he was doing a "Lorena Bobbitt" encore.......ok, don't see the humor, huh?
Oh, my......

not sure what body part that was!!!

Final result after some flour dredging and pan frying.

Of course, a little surf and turf!!!

Cooked to perfection!!!

....and a little something for the sweet tooth!

The set was beautiful.  I should have taken more pictures.  It was like being on Martha Stewart.  A beautiful HD TV used as a teaching aid was above the area where the cooking occurred. 

A very colorful orange was placed on the table at each place setting alonside our learning literature.  It just made for a lovely "welcome".

I have a Nikon D90 camera that does everything but dance.  It even takes HD videos.  I have a long way to learning all the features.  I was fortunate, and most appreciative, when Zach offered to go over all the features of my camera with me after class was over.  He spent about another hour with me giving me a "one on one".
This class was very, very affordable and I plan on taking others.  Upcoming is pasta making, cheese-making and many more.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Susie's Reading Mitts

Pattern:  "Susie's Reading Mitts"  (click for free Pattern from designer)
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Donnagal Luxury Tweed 85% Wool/15% Angora
Needles:  Size 5 dps

I'm not sure how I feel about these mitts, especially the pink ribbon which may eventually be removed.  The colorway for this line is beautiful but I didn't especially enjoy the feel of the yarn.  For the price, I would not buy this yarn again. 

Perhaps I didn't buy enough yarn, or I just misplaced the 2nd ball, but I found myself with one completed mitt and no more yarn so I had to wait for my daughter to send me another ball as it was purchased at her LYS.
The cuff is so long, perhaps a little too much, that it can be folded up and pinned down and will still look very nice.

This ribbon reminds me of the strips of "candy dots" on paper that you could buy as a child.  Anyone remember those or is this another one of those generational things?

I have several other projects almost completed that I have not even mentioned such as the "Swallowtail Shawl", hat/scarf set for the "Head Start" kids' charity and more. 

In the last few days, after a startling amount of snow, everything has melted and we seem to suddenly have a volcanic burst of blooms on the ground and on some of our trees.  I'm resisting turning on the AC as it is 84 degrees F today.

I start my next round of classes, through my local Recreational Dept., this Tuesday.  By request, I will be teaching the Quincy hat by Jared Flood.  Once those classes are completed, the Delicato Mitts will be next. 

I have several new and exciting classes planned for this fall.  I'm trying to introduce new ideas, etc.  I have several students who have taken as many as five classes with me.  It's always a lot of fun especially with women I already know.

I have to recreate the button on my sidebar linking this blog to my "classes" blog.  I lost it when I tried to "rejuvenate" my blog.  Don't you just love "Blogger" some days!!!

Happy Knitting!