Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Felted Chickadee

This picture was taken back in January with my friend, Janice, who started working on my felted chickadee for my red "Lucy Bag"   (<-- click)  which has also been felted and came to a standstill.  Janice became ill and I told her that I would finish the project as she had already taught be the basics of needle felting. See "Joan's Bag" for more information.

You can see the printed picture Janice is working from.  She teaches art at a local school and is quite talented.
A reminder of the lining I selected.

today's Blog Recommendation:  "Designs By Gollum"  I love the pictures, the food, the decorations, etc.  I can fantasize, can't I since time, money and space don't allow?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Emergency Knitting Bag-What's In It?

Yarn:  Online - Emotion III
Pattern:  Yankee Sock Pattern (just your generic pattern)

This is what is in my "Emergency Knitting Bag". (<--click)   I love the colorway and the socks, when completed, will look great with jeans.  This bag is to remain in my car at all times so that I have something to knit when going to the doctor's or stuck in traffic.

My knitting classes will resume soon.  I do look forward to their commencement as I already know that some of my previous students have signed up for one or both classes.  One class will be the "Quincy Hat" and the other class will be "Delicato Mitts".  Both projects were in some of my previous posts.

It will be interesting to see what happens as I am being very definite about the purchase of the patterns before the start of the first class.  Some are hesitant to order through the web so we'll see what happens.  Usually I use free patterns and "moi" will not violate copyright laws. 

I am in the process of designing a cowl to submit to knitpicks.com for their "designer group".  Patterns can be purchased for $1.99 and they already have a nice selection.  I'll let you know when mine is accepted.  I still have to test knit the project.

Happy Knitting!

The Secret Is In The Sauce!!!

Regarding blogs and comments from my post of a few days ago.  Notice my new button on the right. 

It's in support of bloggers, readers and commenters.  Interesting stuff!!!! 

Do let me know what you think after you've roamed around the site a bit.

Happy Knitting!!!!.....as usual.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Beware - Sneaky Blogger

I have been able to revert back to before the upgrade and can upload pics directly from my computer.

Beware......if I am mistaken, please let me know and I will retract this post.  This is what Blogger has done this week.

Blogger enticed me to upgrade (for free) to their new blogger called "Blogger Draft".    It promised more flexibility in the layout, larger pictures, etc.  I was excited so I went for it hook, line, and sinker.

Earlier, I wrote my post with the intent of adding pictures later.  I totally forgot till after the scheduled time (sorry) and they have now been included.   I quickly tried to upload my pictures and I can no longer upload from my hard drive.  I have to upload my pictures first to Picassa Web Album (part of Google).  Well, we all know that there is a limited amount of free space on Picassa album and then you have to pay. 

This is the same approach that Yahoo and Flickr dumped on us about three years ago. 

I'm not sure that I will want to pay for storage of my pictures especially when there is a decline in blogs to read, readership, etc.

I was on WebShots for awhile and now I cannot download my pictures.  I can only view them or order pics. 

What's up with these sites.  Let's complain to Blogger.

Update - Kaleidescope Scarf and Socks

 Sorry, I scheduled this post and forgot to upload the pictures till later.

This scarf really is called the "Jared Flood Noro Scarf".  However, it looks like a kaleidoscope to me.

I started knitting this scarf because it really is "mindless knitting".  I liked it but was not excited about it till today.  While gassing up I realized that it really was quite chilly and reached for this scarf on the seat of my car.  I wrapped it around my neck and loved all the colors weaving around each other. 

Though a little pricey to knit, approximately ....well, let's not go there, the pattern calls for four skeins of Noro yarn.  No two scarf will be the same and it is a surprise how the colors flow unless you deliberately break the yarn and select another color in the skein. 

My scarves are usually 60" long.  I kept knitting till all four skeins were knitted up.  It is approximately 84" long....almost long enough to be a body wrap.

I love the fact that this scarf is reversible and the edging is "clean".  I may have to knit another with a selection of different colorways.

These socks were started about four years ago.  I wasn't particularly excited by the yarn from knitpicks.com.  I then misplaced the project and looked high and low for it.  I found it the other day hiding in my stash.  I had not dug down deep enough...lol.
Happy Knitting!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help!!! Calling All Pet Lovers!

I have till Tuesday to make up my mind.  I've narrowed things down to three kitties and here is where I am having difficulty deciding.

I went to my local Humane Society.  It is the "Hilton" of shelters.  Beautiful, clean, spacious, unbelievably nice.  There are hand-knitted, crocheted and quilted blankets with their beds.  I was there while they were delivering a cartfull of clean "linen". Lots of interesting toys and beds.  I was quite impressed.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of all three kitties:

1.  Ompah - the minute I walked in I didn't see him as I walked by and he "called" to me and talked and purred.  Not the kind of cat appearance-wise I was looking for but he won my heart.  When returned to his cage, everytime I looked at another cat, he was extremely vocal and wanted to be #1. 

2.  Skywalker - is known to be extremely affectionate but was busy exploring when I had him in a room to myself.  Beautiful cat.  Eventually warmed up to me.  He is the Humane Society's favorite of the group. 

But here is where the problem is:

I went to another humane society.  I was appalled.  Cats, cats, cats, everywhere.  It appeared that there were not enough cages so there were cats up high, down low, running around.  The place appeared out of control.  Pretty clean considering how many animals but still not the greatest.  No kidding, as I walked by the cages, all the cats were reaching out with their paws through the bars to get my attention.  It was like they really wanted out of there.  It broke my heart.  How do you decide among so many friendly cats.

Jillian - is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen, extremely friendly and one of those reaching out to me at that shelter.  If she had been at the first shelter, she would have moved to the top choice.

Though I am assured that Jillian has been checked by a vet, and that I will get a free vet visit with the adoption, I'm not sure that they are being legitimate with their information.

So, do I rescue one of these unfortunate animals or go with the humane society closer to home and adopt Ompah who loved me right away.

Isn't this silly!!!!  If I could, I'd bring all three home.

So how many of my readers are animal lovers?  I look forward to your comments.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Without the Web

"My (Probably Crazy) Plan to Give Up the Internet"  .<--click  No...No....not me!!!

The other day Lizzie commented on how fewer and fewer people were writing blogs and she missed it.  Well, I briefly stopped writing but I've noticed others  have also vanished into thin air.  Long time commenters have retreated to whatever it is they were doing in their other life. 

So, in an attempt to enable those of us who love to read blogs, I will attempt to list an occasional blog that I like to read or find of particular interest in hopes that you will do the same.  When I returned home the other day, I had over 300 blogs in my "Reader List".  On those occasions when there are so many,  I will usually scroll down looking for my "regulars" or those with a catchy title and read those.  (Recognize yourself, Alison?)

Today's pick is Now Norma Knits.  I've selected Norma not only because she is a good friend, fellow Vermonter, and occasional dining friend, but because her blog can run from making yogurt to knitting scarves for her favorite charity.  Be sure to read her "Tuesday Terrier".  (duh!!! every Tuesday)  She has a large following as a result.

Stay tuned........I hope to direct you to at least one new blog of interest per week.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Two L's.....Lobster and Lighthouses

Buying a lobster roll in Maine will cost you about $10-$12.  Not sure how much they are at McDonald's but I wouldn't be caught dead buying one there.  The lobster probably is not from Maine and I am a snob when it comes to lobster and yarn.......so there!!!

Cousin Willie purchased 1/2 lb. of "Lazy Man's Lobster" (already out of the shell) which sells for $40/lb. (I've seen it for as much as $45/lb....ouch either way!)

I chopped it up fine.....

along with the celery, onion and added a little salt, pepper (prefer white pepper) and mayonnaise.  Sorry, Willie, this would not have been my choice of mayonnaise but it was fine.  Off brands of mayo can sometimes be like margarine and butter.  Com'On!!!!  Cholestorol city or not, give me the real thing.......BUTTER!!! to go with my lobster.

1/2 lb. of lobster meat will yield three very large lobster rolls...much larger than purchased ones.  So.............we packed a picnic lunch and headed to

where I could enjoy the fruits of my labor!!!

notice the ocean in the background.  Wish you could smell the salt air....sorry!

You can't see all the stairs that I climbed with my bad leg but I sure paid the price the following day!  It was worth it!  The view was fantastic.

Who needs a GPS system with signs like this one!

I did manage to squeeze in a little knitting on Easter morning!
And the star of the weekend was little Kaileigh!  She is 23 months old and a little chatterbox.  She's quite a few branches away from me on the genealogy tree but much closer in heart.

Happy Knitting ...Happy whatever your day brings!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Magical Maine

The weather was unusually warm and beautiful for this time of year in the State of Maine.  A trip was preplanned to visit lighthouses as is my normal thing to do when I visit family.  Never before have I seen such beautiful sunshine with a stream of fog dancing in and out of view sometimes allowing me to see more of the tall buildings in the background.  It was a game of "hide and seek".

The fog kept drifting in and out as if following the rhythm of the tide.  This park bench invited me to sit, unwind, enjoy the ocean breeze and the view it presented.

So, I obliged!

My "Delicato Mitts" came in very handy!

I felt as free as this kite, a popular thing to do by the breezy ocean!

Even the ocean rocks were majical!

My PIC (partner in crime) for lighthouse runs is Willie.  I was matron of honor at his wedding many years ago.  His beloved wife, and my cousin who was like a sister, passed away in 2006 at the young age of 49.  Diane is always in our hearts on these trips.

The icing on the cake was when I stopped at a store and the music was from the era of my high school days.  It was a trip down memory lane. 

I love my home state.  The people are so friendly and a hello to a stranger will most likely evolve into a 20-minute conversation. 

Monday, April 5, 2010

Ocean Wave Socks

Pattern:  Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A.Clark
Yarn:  Angor purchased at Tess Designs in Portland, Maine
Needles:  Size 2 dps
I finally completed these socks after casting on almost two years ago.  I love the softness of the yarn and the colorway is amazing.  However, the yarn shop burns scented candles and the yarn absorbed up the smell.  I was storing the project in a plastic bag which probably contained the scent even more overpowering.  Thus, long spells of inactivity with this project.

I took a hiatus from my blog trying to decide how I wanted to proceed forward with it.  I miss many of my other hobbies and hope to incorporate some of those interests in my posts.

I travelled to Maine last weekend.  It was a truly magical time and I'll have pictures to share with you in my next post.  If I were an artist with canvas and paintbrush, I would not have been able to paint a more beautiful scene.

Happy Knitting!