Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update - Kaleidescope Scarf and Socks

 Sorry, I scheduled this post and forgot to upload the pictures till later.

This scarf really is called the "Jared Flood Noro Scarf".  However, it looks like a kaleidoscope to me.

I started knitting this scarf because it really is "mindless knitting".  I liked it but was not excited about it till today.  While gassing up I realized that it really was quite chilly and reached for this scarf on the seat of my car.  I wrapped it around my neck and loved all the colors weaving around each other. 

Though a little pricey to knit, approximately ....well, let's not go there, the pattern calls for four skeins of Noro yarn.  No two scarf will be the same and it is a surprise how the colors flow unless you deliberately break the yarn and select another color in the skein. 

My scarves are usually 60" long.  I kept knitting till all four skeins were knitted up.  It is approximately 84" long....almost long enough to be a body wrap.

I love the fact that this scarf is reversible and the edging is "clean".  I may have to knit another with a selection of different colorways.

These socks were started about four years ago.  I wasn't particularly excited by the yarn from  I then misplaced the project and looked high and low for it.  I found it the other day hiding in my stash.  I had not dug down deep
Happy Knitting!


  1. Actually, I love the socks. What kind of yarn was it? Renate

  2. I love both the scarf and the socks. I like my scarves longer, too, at least 72" or until I run out of yarn.

  3. I love these socks! I love the yarn, too. I have to get back to finishing some UFO's, too.

  4. Wow love the colors in the scarf!!! Gonna have to try that one. I always need mindless knitting for my lunch hr :). What kitty did you decide to go with? (sorry I'm way behind on my blog reading!!!)