Thursday, April 8, 2010

Life Without the Web

"My (Probably Crazy) Plan to Give Up the Internet"  .<--click  No...No....not me!!!

The other day Lizzie commented on how fewer and fewer people were writing blogs and she missed it.  Well, I briefly stopped writing but I've noticed others  have also vanished into thin air.  Long time commenters have retreated to whatever it is they were doing in their other life. 

So, in an attempt to enable those of us who love to read blogs, I will attempt to list an occasional blog that I like to read or find of particular interest in hopes that you will do the same.  When I returned home the other day, I had over 300 blogs in my "Reader List".  On those occasions when there are so many,  I will usually scroll down looking for my "regulars" or those with a catchy title and read those.  (Recognize yourself, Alison?)

Today's pick is Now Norma Knits.  I've selected Norma not only because she is a good friend, fellow Vermonter, and occasional dining friend, but because her blog can run from making yogurt to knitting scarves for her favorite charity.  Be sure to read her "Tuesday Terrier".  (duh!!! every Tuesday)  She has a large following as a result.

Stay tuned........I hope to direct you to at least one new blog of interest per week.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Unfortunately, I come and go on my blog. Thanks for reminding us that this is important. I love looking at other blogs--they are truly inspiring!

  2. Oh, I just LOVE Norma! The first time I ran across her blog, she made a really funny (but kinda tasteless) comment, the next time she was on a downhome rant about people's comments on it...and I was hooked. That and Mr. Jeffries...but she's really intimidating me with the garden stuff. ;-)

  3. Norma who? ;^)

    What a great idea! I think people are getting busier now that spring is starting to take hold in most places. Outdoor pursuits can steal away that important blog reading/writing time. Just another reason Day Light Saving is a bad idea. ;^)


  4. Thanks for the shout-out! I do hope it's not a dying art, but some days I truly feel it is. Traffic at my blog remains static, rather than growing. I felt I did get an upsurge after I relented and joined Facebook -- sort of like a rebirth, or rather a reconnection with lots of people I had "lost" because everyone is either at Ravelry, or on those social networking sites like FB and Twitter -- but that has leveled off, too. It's too bad, because the blogging itself is my favorite hobby.

    THAT COOKIE!!!!! Heehee.

  5. So true! Many of the Lesser Known Skeins on Ravelry are no longer Blogging and it makes me sad. This is a very nice idea and will give me new people to meet.
    Alison is an awesome knitter and designer. She is also a fellow Lupie(has lupus)and I follow her blog.

  6. Thanks for this. I miss all the interaction that we all had when our blogs were at Yahoo. Ewey called it Yahoo-hell or something to that effect. Speaking of Ewey...I wonder how she's doing. I miss her and her blog.

    Well, I'm glad you're back.

  7. Thank you! (Can I go back and cut or braid my hair or something before you take that picture?)

    I've found a seasonal downswing in reader clicks just when the spring weather bursts forth every year, which says to me people are getting out and enjoying it all--a good thing. Then it gradually comes back up again.

  8. hi, just found your blog through the ultimage blog party. be by the ocean. it must be very calming at times.

  9. Hi, Joansie. I'm one of those that dropped off the earth in blogland, for several months. I did a re-entry post, but even that was a long time ago. I got so overloaded with trying to keep up with reading, commenting, and posting, that I simply stopped everything. :-/ I've started back reading only a few blogs, for a few months now. Yours is one of them, but I haven't bothered commenting until now. You seriously do have one of the best knitting blogs I've read, with your fantastic pictures, interesting content, and a warmth of personality that shines through it all.