Saturday, January 30, 2010

Palindrome Scarf

Pattern:  Palindrome Scarf  (<--click for free pattern)
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
Needles:  Size 10

What I really like about this scarf is that it is completely reversible.  The yarn I used has a "halo" and I would recommend using a solid color worsted though it calls for DK.  I added a cable repeat and increased the needles by one size and also added two rows between repeats.  The scarf in the picture has not yet been blocked.  The true color is a peacock blue and not anywhere close to what the camera captured.

Last week I purchased this delicate wash for my handknits.  A little expensive at $11 for the bottle, you only use 1/2 tsp. per half gallon of water.  With no rinsing involved, I don't know how I ever lived without this soap.  I purchased the lavendar scent which is delicate and acts as a moth repellant.  The wash also comes in smaller bottles.
Eucalan free sample  Click the link for a free sample.  There are several scents available including eucalyptus, grapefruit and fragrance free.

Obsessed, possessed, addicted or passionate.....well, I know that passionate fits the description when it comes to my knitting.  However, my soap buying purchases of the past week may fall in another one of those categories.  I was shopping today at a store that announced a special on hand soap.  Hello!!!! that's what I was there for as I was already swishing water in my soap dispenser trying to get the last of the soap till I could get to the store.  This soap was 27 cents a bottle so I purchased a dozen bottles.  And yes, I've tried it and I do like it.

Happy Knitting!!!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lexeme Sweater

Pattern:  Lexeme - Berocco Booklet #289
Yarn:  Lustra (it is divine!)
Needles:  Size 6 & 8

There's not much to show until the sweater is assembled.  I'm currently knitting the last of it which is both sleeves at once.  There will be a knitted trim on the edges.

I'm pretty happy with these buttons.  However, the pattern called for 1" buttons and these are way too big so hopefully JoAnn's has 1/2" replacements.

I highly recommend this "Piecework" magazine.  It just came out on the newstand less than a week ago and sells quickly.  It usually features a variety of crafts but annually they devote an issue strictly to knitting.  This one is on the "History of Knitting". 

It was a total joy to read and it was difficult to put down. 

As many of you know, I am originally from Maine.  My aunt taught me how to knit and I've never seen anyone else cast on the way she taught me.  People have asked me what the cast-on is called and I never knew till now.  It is shown in this magazine.  Any guesses?  It's the "Maine Cast On"......who knew!!!

Compass Mittens (pattern in the magazine)

Young boys of families in the lobstering business received hand-knitted felted mittens as soon as they were old enough to join their elders on the boats.  Compass mittens were knitted in either black and white or navy blue and white only.  The story goes that when fishermen were lost in the dense fog off the coast, their mittens would gleam towards the north and they would be able to find their way home. 

Now mind you, I really want to test this theory but I'm not sure I want to be lost on the ocean unless the ocean is calm, I have a crate of lobster with a means to cook them along with my favorite beverage and I can still get a signal on my cell phone.  And .....plenty of melted butter!

I have to tell you that in the early '80's when the air controllers were on strike, lobstermen were unable to fly out their lobsters and they were selling for $1 each.  I "pigged out" or "lobstered out" in this instance. 

Offering Mitts (pattern in the magazine)

Aren't these mitts beautiful!!!!  They are on my list of things I want to knit

This magazine also has a very interesting article on Jewish women knitting during WWII.

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Stowe Winter Carnival

I went up to the Stowe, Vermont Winter Carnival today.  This ice scupture has a ram in the center and an Austrian beer stein at the top.  Notice the beautiful sky and the mountains in the distance.

The Trapp Family is the family depicted in the movie "The Sound of Music", thus the heavy Austrian influence.

A small view of the lodge.  There are many, many buildings.  I've been fortunate enough to experience dining here.  The ambiance cannot be beat.  A harpist provided the music for guests.

Sleigh Horses!

Just a few of the many ski trails in the area.

The trams actually go over the roadway as they proceed up the mountain to drop off skiiers.

Did you think I'd forget about yarn while on this little venture?

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Basketweave Dishcloth

Basketweave Dishcloth

I start teaching this year's "Beginner Knitting" classes on Thursday, January 28th and I am looking forward to promoting knitting to a group of new folks.  We'll be knitting this simple dishcloth.  I will also be teaching a mitten class starting the same week.  Busy, busy, busy....

I purchased "Piecework" magazine today which features a variety of crafts.  There's a beautiful "broomstick lace" bag that I must knit.  I have not done broomstick lace since Sept. of 1969.  Why do I remember the date so well, you ask?  It was the month when my car caught fire and I managed to save my project as I escaped.  Let's not forget that we had just made the last car payment on the car, purchased a house two weeks prior with no money for furniture and ................most important..........I was so very pregnant with my daughter's birth occurring 10 days later.  So, new car, new house, new baby all in one month.  When you are stupid, inexperienced, young, you can deal with those catastrophies. 

My friend, Janice, came over for lunch and knitting today.  Not sure we got much knitting done as we were so busy chatting like high school girlfriends.  One thing for sure is that we had fun!!

Weather will be bad tomorrow.  You know what that means!!!!  Plenty of knitting time!

Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Knitting Books

I have been wanting the knitting book “Magnificent Mittens” for a very long time. The book was out of print and was selling on e-bay for $300-$1000. I was able to get it from the library and peruse it but I wanted my own copy.

Back in early November, Brian alerted me to the fact that it was now in print again and would be available in early December. I placed my order with Amazon and they kept delaying the delivery date so I finally canceled that order and purchased it at for $14. It arrived last Saturday and I am totally delighted with it. They have expanded the book to include socks.

The mitten patterns vary with some being more suitable for heavy snow areas. The socks are beautiful. There is a lot of interesting information as well as a graph for different size mittens for those interested in designing their own mittens.

My daughter remembered that I wanted this book and gifted it to me for Christmas.  I'm a happy camper!  There's a pair of knitted earrings (with wire) that I plan on knitting.  I've already purchased the materials.

I had a 40% off coupon for this book so I just could not resist it.

I started these "Lady Charles" mittens.  My daughter had one mitt completed when I visited her and I like it.  The pattern is not well-written at all.  The print on the cardstock is difficult to read as it is faded.  My frustration with this pattern is transporting me to the frog pond.  The yarn is Debbie Bliss which is expensive and very rough.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, January 4, 2010


Pattern:  Spiralucious
Yarn:  Baby Ull

I actually completed this neck warmer a couple months ago.  I had a question and spoke with Anne at "Knitspot" regarding my order.  The customer service was fantastic.  She has many, many beautiful patterns to select from.  I recommend you visit her site.  I also have the matching fingerless mitts pattern that will be cast on eventually.

This cowl drapes nicely on the neck.  I am very pleased with it.

One of my favorite things is this lavendar hand lotion and soap that I received for Christmas.   I visited this home business a couple of years ago and was very impressed.  "Greens and Goats Lotion and Soap"  It really is nice on these knitting hands.  The scent is gentle.

We broke the snow record of 1969 which was my first winter in Vermont.  We had 33.1 inches of snow yester.  Third place for snowfall was Valentine's 2009.  I have now experienced all three.

A little late in the day to take a pic but it gets quite dark by the time I get out of work.  This snowbank in town is quite high as you can tell by the street light.  Obviously, a plow is not able to handle this much snow so a front-end bucket loader does the job.

Here's another view!
Happy Knitting!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Well, I Say.............!!!!

I knew we were going to have a storm late last night.  The weatherman (it wasn't a weatherwoman) said 8-10 inches were expected.  Well, he lied was wrong.  As of noon, we had 24" of snow and it's still coming down heavy.

Being my last day of vacation, I slept in awhile if you call till 8:00 a.m. sleeping in.  When I went out there I could not believe my eyes. 

I have not had to shovel snow in three years.  But there was no getting around this one.  I couldn't even open my car door.  Reinforcement arrived in the form of a neighbor who helped me shovel.  Now, the driveway was plowed but we still had to shovel around the car.

Once upon a time,  young boys would shovel for money.  Not anymore.

and about four hours car is there somewhere!

I am participating in a 365 photo challenge.  There's a link on the right for your viewing pleasure.  It is not a blog as such and no comments are expected.  Just enjoy!  Occasionally, the same pictures may be in my knitting blog. 

Happy Knitting!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Fiber Anyone?

Less than a week ago I received an e-mail from Janice telling me she had stumbled on my blog.  She asked where I lived and as it turns we live just a short distance from each other.  We met for lunch and discovered that we had a lot in common so today we got together at her home for a "craft and chat" day.

Note:  I should have mentioned originally when I wrote this post that yes, Janice knits and spins.
Janice raises French angora rabbits.  They are gorgeous animals.  Once upon a time, I used to have rabbits so I really was thrilled to see them.  Look at all that fiber on that animal!!!

Janice prepared a fantastic lunch accompanied by her husband's homemade bread.  I think I was "spoiled" today.

Once upon a time, I also had a canary.  Janice's canary is the most beautiful singer.  Oh, it's been so many years since I have enjoyed being seranaded by a canary.  Mine always sang when I was on the phone making the person on the other end very envious.

Not a good picture as there is a screen between myself and this feeder.  Many, many chickadees were parading back and forth until I appeared in the window...dah!!!  Black-capped chickadees are my home state of Maine's state bird.

An orchid on the windowsill.  So beautiful!!

This mama will soon have babies.  She was busy preparing a nest with hay while I was there.  However, she will soon be pulling her hair out to use in her nest.

Another mama recently had babies.

And then there were the chickens!!!!

Happy Knitting!