Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knitting Gadgets

Sometimes commenters on my blog will say they could never attempt a project that I posted. I often believe it is just because they don't have the correct tools to work with. For instance, a knitter may not attempt a more complicated pattern because of too many family interruptions. In such a case, a magnetic board woks wonders.  It can be purchased at Jo'Ann's for about $7.  You can also purchase a separate stand for less than $10.

The board looks like this with magnetic strips and a mangetic ruler.  An old metal typing stand will work just as well.

As you knit a row, you just slide the magnetic ruler down the page.  Simple!!!!

Buttonhole measurer/marker.  It evenly spaces the placement.

This gadget is wonderful!!! Select the number of buttonholes you want, expand this gadget and it evenly spaces where the buttons/buttonholes should be. It sells for about $20, but is well worth the money. Sorry, I can't give you more information as to the exact name or where I purchased it. Perhaps one of my readers will be able to comment and tell us.

Lizzie made me this row counter about three years ago. For each row, slip it up or down one ring. Simple and fun!!!

Or, you could use these candies, put 10 in a dish and after each row, eat one of the candies. Three candies left, you've knitted 7 rows. Ok, admit like that idea!!!!

And if you have an Iphone, check this digital knitting gadget (click).

I started teaching my "Beginner Knitting Class" this week.  It is a full class.  My classes are a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aeslight Shawl

Pattern: Aeslight Shawl
Yarn: Fingering weight
Needles: Size 7

Awhile back, Lizzie sent me a link to this pattern as she thought I would enjoy knitting it. Too fuuny as it was my curret project on the needles. She definitely knows my knitting taste.

This pattern can be knitted as a scarf or a shawl. It truly is a beautiful pattern once it is blocked.

I had this shawl about 75% done and just was not inspired with the yarn
I was using so I took it off the needles and started over again with this pink yarn. I wish I had selected something a little more luxurious.

This has been my slowest knitting month every. Because these edges of this shawl pattrn is not asily memorized, the knitting is time-consuming. I can't wait to start something new but I have about 3 baby sweaters to finish and two single socks screaming for a mate.

I start teaching a new knitting class this Thursday. This one will be "Beginner Knitting" so it should be easier than my sock or mitten classes. I've also been contacted by a yarn shop to teach three classes but I'm not sure their schedule fits mine. Four classes in one week besides my regular job is a little too much so if they are agreeable, I am willing to teach just one class for now.

Happy Knitting!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Great Yarn Give-Away!!!!

We all really like free yarn so go check out Renee's (<--click) web site and let her know I sent you when you comment on her post. Unlike many other give-away's, you only have to leave her a comment that you are interested.

Happy Knitting!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Granddaughter Socks

Pattern: Granddaughter Socks (sorry, can't get link to work so just Google)
Yarn: Koigu and Baby Ull
Needles: Size 2 dps

If you are one of my longtime readers going back to the days of Yahoo 360, I started these socks and promptly lost them somewhere probably in the back of the closet. So this past June I started them again while on a flight to Denver.

The socks go quickly if you stick to this one project as I have difficulty doing, after all crochet does work up more quickly. I've not touched this project since the end of June. I modified the pattern to have only two granny squares instead of three. There are really four squares in the picture and they are smaller than they appear to be. With three squares you have this awkward seam in the front. This pattern was once offered for free but must have proven to be so popular that Interweave now charges $4 for the pattern.

I've been promising pictures of the shawl.....perhaps tomorrow I'll have more time. I miss working on socks and the portability of smaller projects.

I've been busy preparing for a major audit at work. It's been insanely busy and I'm exhausted when I return home thus not feeling like knitting very much.

I start my next round teaching knitting classes on the 24th. This class will be easier as it's a beginnner knitting class. I need to revisit my prices as the adjoining community is charging $200 for 15 hours of instructions with a minimum of twelve students in the class. We are both part of the community educational centers as opposed to a LYS.

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wanna Be On A Tight Budget!!!

To understand the reason for the title of the blog post, you'll have to scroll through the pictures and get to the last few.

I attended the Shelburne Museum Hot Air Balloon Festival. The weather was great, the crowd sparse due to so many activities going on in the area including a Kelley Clarkson concert.

Notice the center flap. As the balloon is inflating the velcro strips will connect with each other, thus allowing the balloon to life. When it is time to drop in altitude, the cords on the inside will be pulled thus separating the velcro again.

Now, you must give this guy credit. He's on a tight budget and a "wannabe balloonist". Nothing colorful about his balloon but he is still having fun in spite of the fact that he's having a heck of a time inflating it.

He's either a purist, a daredevil or whatever as he does not have the usual "basket" for liftoff. He merely has a harness. Reminds me of the scene from the movie "Back To The Future".

These pictures were taken last Friday night. On Monday morning, one of the balloons crashed at a nearby mall. Occupants had minor injuries.

On Tuesday evening I had the bajebies (sp?) scared out of me when a balloon was over my apartment building and appeared as if it was going to crash. It cleared the rooftoop by less than 10 feet. Cell phone in hand and in my driveway, I went running in the opposite direction. They smiled and waved to me as they were finally able to gain altitude.
Too close for comfort for me.

I'm coming along on the shawl knitting. Target date for completion is September 20th so I can wear it to the first knitting class of the season that I am teaching. Pictures coming soon.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Damn Computers

Damn can't live with them and can't live without them. It appears that I will need to take a break from blogging again. My 6- month old laptop is being sent back to the factory for repairs. The cursor/mouse freezes up and I lose whatever I have written unless it is auto save such as in Google Mail.
The laptop will be gone for four weeks. I'm hoping they are saying four weeks and it will really be two weeks and I will be so grateful that I will not complain, greet them with a smile, and perhaps even offer to buy them dinner. If they tell me two weeks and it turns out to be three weeks, well this gal will not be a happy camper (maybe).

So, I have been reading some of your blogs, start to leave a comment, cursor freezes up and I have to reboot. Frustrating to say the least and the reason for not commenting.

My old computer, who is slower than molasses going uphill in the winter in Vermont, has gotten a reprieve from a visit to the recycle center. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Age has its advantages. So I will have to see if I can get it to work again without too much aggravation.

Anyone having problems with moving pictures in Blogger within a post? I attended a balloon festival yesterday, great pictures, wonderful time and I cannot put the pictures in their proper order so I have abandoned that little post. Hmm....will post one picture here with not too much trouble, I suppose.
The balloon festival was at beautiful Shelburne Museum overlooking Lake Champlain. I was able to sit in the shade, enjoy a cool breeze, and watch the balloons inflate and liftoff. Children all around me were having a fantastic time. There was a really funny incident at the end but I have to be able to post the pictures properly in order for you to see what happened.....a post when the computer is well again.

It would be so fantastic to have everything in this household working properly, behaving itself and just being nice to me. The new printer/fax/copier is being stubborn. The wireless...well, I've given up on that for awhile. It would be nice if formatting stayed true to itself in Blogger as well. And this body....let's not even go there. Oh, but the camera is working up to its great reputation.

Happy Knitting! I'm slowly getting my shawl done.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Staying In Touch

Just staying in touch. Not much knitting on the home front. I do have a couple things almost done but have not taken pictures yet. None of my projects seem to excite me lately.

Not sure why these pictures are coming out so small but here goes anyway.

I had a birthday on August 22nd so I bought myself a new digital SLR camera. It was tax free day also. I love my new camera.

So after reading the manual and waiting a couple of days for the weather to clear up, my new love (the camera) and I took a little trip to Maine.

Dont' you just love all those colorful Adirondack chairs lined up next to each other!

I took a scenic route I was not familiar with and came across this sign. Notice that "chocolate" is on the list for directions. A lighthouse and chocolate...what more could a girl want.

One of my very favorite places...."Nubble Light" in York, Maine.

I love seeing all the dingys lined up next to each other. Vacant of ocean farers, it means that they are out having fun. I've named this photo, "Team Work".

Life continues to be immensely difficult and thus the lack of blogging. I do read your blogs though I may not always have the time to comment. I'm hoping that things will calm down and get boring.