Sunday, September 27, 2009

Knitting Gadgets

Sometimes commenters on my blog will say they could never attempt a project that I posted. I often believe it is just because they don't have the correct tools to work with. For instance, a knitter may not attempt a more complicated pattern because of too many family interruptions. In such a case, a magnetic board woks wonders.  It can be purchased at Jo'Ann's for about $7.  You can also purchase a separate stand for less than $10.

The board looks like this with magnetic strips and a mangetic ruler.  An old metal typing stand will work just as well.

As you knit a row, you just slide the magnetic ruler down the page.  Simple!!!!

Buttonhole measurer/marker.  It evenly spaces the placement.

This gadget is wonderful!!! Select the number of buttonholes you want, expand this gadget and it evenly spaces where the buttons/buttonholes should be. It sells for about $20, but is well worth the money. Sorry, I can't give you more information as to the exact name or where I purchased it. Perhaps one of my readers will be able to comment and tell us.

Lizzie made me this row counter about three years ago. For each row, slip it up or down one ring. Simple and fun!!!

Or, you could use these candies, put 10 in a dish and after each row, eat one of the candies. Three candies left, you've knitted 7 rows. Ok, admit like that idea!!!!

And if you have an Iphone, check this digital knitting gadget (click).

I started teaching my "Beginner Knitting Class" this week.  It is a full class.  My classes are a maximum of 8 and a minimum of 4.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I love that magnet board. I really need to find one. I'm knitting Lyra right now and the pattern/chart is too big for my clipboard.

    I think there's also a trend towards knitting drama. People who say something is so hard they need a glass of wine before trying it. That sort of thing. Makes me want to shake those people because it's just knitting, FFS!

  2. Love that button hole marker. Have to keep an eye out for it. I have the magnetic board, but my problem has always been losing components of such gadgets. Right now I have the board, but can't find the magnetic strips. Then when I find the strips, I can't find the board. I know there is a better way, but it eludes me. Glad your knitting group is full. Renate

  3. Woops, having problems posting, will try again...

    Love the button gadget, will have to find one for myself!

  4. Thanks for a look at your "knitting made easier gadgets". I always enjoy hearing/seeing what other do to make their knitting easier - and I REALLY like the candy in a bowl for row counting. Have heard of m&m's for that, and always liked it. <3

    Does the button holer work for knitted items or just sewn? I try to picture how you would mark the knitting?

  5. I think the candy is my favorite gadget!

  6. I had made a magnetic board a couple of years ago, they are indeed wonderful!!!

    I like the candy in the dish trick, :P.

    Hope your classes go flawlessly (I know they will :).) Enjoy the company as you endever to be an enabler to future sock knitters. :)

  7. I so want the iphone now!

    I've seen you mention your button spacer before, but I don't think I've ever seen one. It's a great idea, though.

    I love the idea of using candy for row counting, but I bet everything I made would be too small, because I would eat the candy too quickly.

  8. Candy's a good long as someone else doesn't help themselves! Or in my case I'd be absent minded and eat them between stitches or channel surfing!

    Brought a smile to my fact to see the angel! I've got a couple more knitters hooked on those row counters, too!

    I used the magnetic boards for cross stitching. Cookie sheets work really well for the extra big charts!

  9. Thanks Joansie! I'm off in the morning to get my magnetic board. Trouble is,no more excuses for not doing challenging projects!( HA Ha)

  10. Joansie I didn't know about the magnetic board.. i will have to get one. Hope Michaels have them too..

  11. Oops. Another email to you just bounced back. Meantime, the candy would work well for me!

  12. You know me...I love gadgets! I like the candy idea, too, but it wouldn't work too well for my situation. I have kids & dogs...beagles are always looking for food. I need one of those bracelets, Liz is so creative.

  13. Simflex folding measure. See on Amazon $16.29