Saturday, September 12, 2009

Granddaughter Socks

Pattern: Granddaughter Socks (sorry, can't get link to work so just Google)
Yarn: Koigu and Baby Ull
Needles: Size 2 dps

If you are one of my longtime readers going back to the days of Yahoo 360, I started these socks and promptly lost them somewhere probably in the back of the closet. So this past June I started them again while on a flight to Denver.

The socks go quickly if you stick to this one project as I have difficulty doing, after all crochet does work up more quickly. I've not touched this project since the end of June. I modified the pattern to have only two granny squares instead of three. There are really four squares in the picture and they are smaller than they appear to be. With three squares you have this awkward seam in the front. This pattern was once offered for free but must have proven to be so popular that Interweave now charges $4 for the pattern.

I've been promising pictures of the shawl.....perhaps tomorrow I'll have more time. I miss working on socks and the portability of smaller projects.

I've been busy preparing for a major audit at work. It's been insanely busy and I'm exhausted when I return home thus not feeling like knitting very much.

I start my next round teaching knitting classes on the 24th. This class will be easier as it's a beginnner knitting class. I need to revisit my prices as the adjoining community is charging $200 for 15 hours of instructions with a minimum of twelve students in the class. We are both part of the community educational centers as opposed to a LYS.

Happy Knitting!


  1. What a fun idea for socks. Renate

  2. I too like crocheting because it goes faster .Only thing is it makes my hands so sore now I can't do it as much anymore. Do more knitting .

  3. I do remember those socks. It wouldn't be hard to figure out how to do them without "the" pattern. I'm doing some toe ups...maybe I'll figure out a way to adapt the idea to them.

    Glad to see you posting again!

  4. Those are cute socks! Good luck with the audit -- I'll have my fingers crossed for you. :)

  5. That deep, deep rosey-pink color--gorgeous.

  6. What great looking sock. Thanks for the link too!

  7. I don't remember these socks from the first time around, but they look really fun.

    Sorry to hear work is so draining, I hope it gets better soon.

    As for the class pricing, you may want to charge more, but $200 for a class with a minimum of 12 students sounds a bit steep. I wonder how much the students really learn if they don't get much individual attention.