Sunday, September 6, 2009

Damn Computers

Damn can't live with them and can't live without them. It appears that I will need to take a break from blogging again. My 6- month old laptop is being sent back to the factory for repairs. The cursor/mouse freezes up and I lose whatever I have written unless it is auto save such as in Google Mail.
The laptop will be gone for four weeks. I'm hoping they are saying four weeks and it will really be two weeks and I will be so grateful that I will not complain, greet them with a smile, and perhaps even offer to buy them dinner. If they tell me two weeks and it turns out to be three weeks, well this gal will not be a happy camper (maybe).

So, I have been reading some of your blogs, start to leave a comment, cursor freezes up and I have to reboot. Frustrating to say the least and the reason for not commenting.

My old computer, who is slower than molasses going uphill in the winter in Vermont, has gotten a reprieve from a visit to the recycle center. There's a lesson in there somewhere. Age has its advantages. So I will have to see if I can get it to work again without too much aggravation.

Anyone having problems with moving pictures in Blogger within a post? I attended a balloon festival yesterday, great pictures, wonderful time and I cannot put the pictures in their proper order so I have abandoned that little post. Hmm....will post one picture here with not too much trouble, I suppose.
The balloon festival was at beautiful Shelburne Museum overlooking Lake Champlain. I was able to sit in the shade, enjoy a cool breeze, and watch the balloons inflate and liftoff. Children all around me were having a fantastic time. There was a really funny incident at the end but I have to be able to post the pictures properly in order for you to see what happened.....a post when the computer is well again.

It would be so fantastic to have everything in this household working properly, behaving itself and just being nice to me. The new printer/fax/copier is being stubborn. The wireless...well, I've given up on that for awhile. It would be nice if formatting stayed true to itself in Blogger as well. And this body....let's not even go there. Oh, but the camera is working up to its great reputation.

Happy Knitting! I'm slowly getting my shawl done.


  1. Sorry to hear abou your computer. I hope it doesn't take long to get it back. I'd be lost without mine.
    I'm anxious to see your shawl.
    I've hit a wall with knitting . I had a 501 piece embroidery order and my corpal- tunnel is killing me. I tried to knit yesterday,and wasn't able. I guess I'll let it rest a few days before I try again.

  2. Well, at least the camera is working. What is up with all the blog services? They are all having growing pains, I think. Or something. Or maybe they're all just dying slow deaths.

  3. I am sorry to hear your new computer is freezing up ,, mine needs reformatting but my daughter never has time to do it so guess I will work with the glitz in it as long as it will go.
    What is the best place/book for visual / written instruction to learn lace stitches ?

  4. Computers are great when they're working, but are a real pain when they're not. My DS works @ an electronic store & he says that it sounds like a software issue...a known problem with laptops. Hope you're back on track soon & I can't wait to see your photos and/or knitting.

  5. Sorry to hear about your computer troubles, working through one of my own; though I believe mine has to be chalked up to operator error...tired operator error. Sigh

    4 wks, thats out rages to have to wait that long. I would go crazy. You're making me really happy when I was debating PC vs laptop that I opted for another PC. I do think they hold up a bit better.

    Beautiful photo of the hot air balloons. So colorful. I hear what you're saying about the body. Join you in that for sure.

    I've not knitted in awhile, have been working on a crocheted baby blanket that has me totally uninspired; but it's one my boss asked me to make, soooooooo trying to get it done.


  6. Computer problems are such a nuisance.
    Hope you get lots of knitting done in the next weeks, your computer returns in a big hurry and you take lots of great pics with your camera.
    See you after your repairs!

  7. I hope they're telling you 4 weeks and it'll be 2 and not really 6. You can't trust those people, I swear.

    Does Blogger have support? Or am I being silly again? I wonder if you could get someone over there to help you.

    Hang in there, honey. Things have to get better!


  8. I love the balloon picture :). I loved fall in NM because in October (right around my birthday :)) they had the Balloon Fiesta. It is huge!!! So many different kinds and shapes of balloons than you can even imagine. :)

    I hope they fix your lap top soon, I would be lost without my computer. :( Do post a picture of the shawl when you are done. I'm looking for that perfect pattern for the Cria Alpaca that I have been spinning :).

  9. Beautiful photos! Glad to see you back, and here's hoping everything gets fixed quickly.