Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Smores Socks

The color of this fingering yarn is called smores. The earthy colors really do remind you of this treat. I will wear these socks when I catch up to my New England chat friends next summer at a campground, all the while roasting smores over an open flame while enjoying the smell of Maine’s pine trees.

If you’ve never had smores, it is a graham cracker topped with a marshmellow, chocolate and another graham cracker. The fun part is the “ooziness” of the marshmellow on your fingers as you quickly lick the perimeter of this great delicacy (dare I say!). I think I will revise this traditional recipe and add a dollop of strawberry jam.

Yes, there really is a candybar called “Smores”. I used this blog as an excuse to purchase the candy bar. I was feeling somewhat frustrated trying to take this picture in the correct indoor evening lighting. I was anxious to taste this candybar. It is delicious but I was surprised that it seems to have the taste of rum in it. Now, mind you, I am not a liquor conneisseur (I fall under the table after two drinks). So, perhaps you should taste it for yourself.

Well, I’ve been writing more about the candybar than the socks. The yarn is Merino wool and is extremely soft. I’ve yet to knit the 2nd sock as I suffer from the not so rare knitter’s malady of SSS (single sock syndrome). I actually belong to a knitting Yahoo group called SSS….sort of like a 12-step program. Ok…….I’m kidding about the 12-step program.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Attention All Former Yahoo 360 Bloggers!!!

Someone left me the following comment which is great if you were a Yahoo 360 blogger and want to import your posts and comments into your current host, "Blogger", so that you don't want to lose that part of your craft life to the internet graveyard. Thank you Sanskar. I couldn't respond to you as the return e-mail address has a "no reply".

Sanskar has left a new comment on your post "Yahoo 360 to Blogger":
Once you have uploaded it to wordpress. You can Export that wordpress blog file to your desktop. Then you can use a converter application made by google open source
http://wordpress2blogger.appspot.com/ you can convert that wordpress file to blogger file and then go to blogger open your blog, go to settings and then click on import blog. select the file converted by the application and just click import. your 360 Blog is on blogger with the comments :)

Goldilocks and Knitting!

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on March 3, 2008.

I’ve been feeling like a slightly (ok, more than slightly) older version of Goldilocks.

A new baby girl in my family is due to arrive mid-May. I don’t know if Kaleigh Noella will receive any other hand-knitted items but I felt that at least one from me was warranted. That’s not counting the six pack of bibs I knitted for her and blogged about a couple months ago.

I revived the above project that was started when I first learned Mothers Day Weekend of 2006 that I would be having another grandchild. I already had two grandsons so I quickly purchased pink yarn and started knitting only to discover it would be another boy. (By the way, loved just as much!) I abandoned the sweater even though the yarn, Plymouth Dream Baby” is wonderful to work with. I made a lot of progress last week on the sweater since picking up from just above the “lacy” portion.

Because I am knitting with size 1 needles, I decided I might not be able to complete it in time for the baby shower on April 13th. After all, I haven’t done my taxes yet and I don’t want my yarn dollars to be awarded to IRS penalties and fees, or worse yet, end up knitting in jail. Hmmmm….do they allow knitting needles in jail? Maybe for good behavior?

Then I decided to knit this Elizabeth Zimmermann baby sweater that I have just been itching to knit. Problem is the yarn is not soft enough! Will it soften up once washed with conditioner? What would Goldilocks do? She’d try something else, of course.

So last week, while at Webs, I purchased Valley Yarn’s cotton and bamboo yarn. It is a dream to knit with…..and on size 4 needles, it feels JUST RIGHT!

The rosettes have not yet been permanently attached. I love the buttons. This project is costing quite a bit more than I anticipated but it is special.
All of this knitting explains some of my absence from the blog world. Crazy as it may sound, I’ve also started a couple of other projects. I’ve also completed one that has not been mentioned yet as it has not yet been mailed to the recipient.

Which sweater is your favorite?

Happy Knitting!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Not So Many Mitts!

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on December 31, 2007
Pattern: Manly Mitts (<----click) (from knitty.com)
Yarn: Knit Picks - Telemark - Colorways Cardinal and Drift Needles: Size 4 DPs

I saw these mittens on someone's blog and wondered why they had to be "manly". I decided that the choice of color could make a difference and acceptable for a woman to wear. I wanted to knit these mittens to compliment a favorite red scarf.

This is a close up of the gusset (and soon to be thumb) that is a different pattern from the main portion of the mitten. I like the contrast.

The days of partying on New Year's Eve are behind me. I used to host a dinner party with an evening of games for my friends but have stopped that as well when some drank to much and had to be driven home. I'm now content to sit in front of the TV with my favorite munchies and knitting. Of course, I will have "tourtierre" (pork pies) for dinner as that has been a lifelong tradition. My daughter made 20 pies this year and always sends me home with a frozen one. I think she has outdone herself this year as they are delicious. The only time I eat pork pies is at Christmas and New Years.

Happy Knitting/Crafting!

Petal Bib

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on February 24, 2008.

This was another one of those projects that I thought would be “mindless” but it really wasn’t. I was going to make another “six pack” but decided it was too much work with all the loose ends as each petal is started individually and then knitted together. The “tie” portion is an I-cord with a 3-needle bind off. Perhaps I’ll make more in the future, but for now I am content with just one to add to my “gift stash”.

I love this book, “One Skein”. I purchased it by mistake with my 50% off coupon thinking it was another book that I liked with a similar name. However, it is a “keeper”. Don’t you just love those coupons!

I started and completed another project but I can’t tell you what it is just yet as it is a gift. Once the recipient receives it, then I can post pics. I hope to mail it out within the next two weeks once I find the right packaging and extras.

Yesterday, I went to my LYS. I was so bad that I can’t tell you how much I purchased till I get over the “guilts”. I did purchased Debbie Bliss alpaca/silk DK which normally sells for $8.95 /50 gr. ball. I purchased the yarn for $3 a ball. I arrived at exactly 10:02 a.m. as the doors were opening at 10:00. I had difficulty finding parking and it was a madhouse. I should have known better. The shop has an old dog that you trip over as you enter. He barks because most customers bring him a dog bone and he expects you to have one. This poor black lab was nearly trampled in the rush of customers.

I’ve almost completed the bunnie sweater and hope to start assembly tomorrow night. My goal is to bring it with me to R.I. this weekend when I visit the grandkids. Pics coming real soon, hopefully!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not Your Ordinary Six Pack

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 on February 28, 2008.

Not your usual six pack, this is a six pack of newborn bibs.

My family in Maine is expecting a new addition in May. The due date is May 20th and we know it will be a baby girl. First name has not yet been decided but the middle name will be Noella after the paternal grandmother’s middle name. The grandmother passed away December 2006 at the age of 49. If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, the parents are Jeff and Jodi.

Remember the wedding shawl I knitted for Jodi?

Here’s the little “punkin” sucking her thumb. Ultrasound taken early January. As I needed “mindless knitting” on my bus trips back and forth to work, I started knitting a baby bib from “Mason-Dixon”.
Here is a link to a free pattern that is identical to the one in Mason-Dixon. baby bib (<—click). Once I knitted one, I had to knit another and so on. They are addictive in their own way when you are tired of knitting intricate patterns. The bibs will go to the grandfather to keep on hand when the baby visits. Just a little something to put a smile on his face every time he looks at them.

The thought of a 4-day holiday weekend and being isolated because of bad weather is enough to push me over the edge. The highlight of my weekend at this point will probably be a trip to the grocery store to stock up on healthy food and perhaps a good bottle of wine and munchies. Yes, I have knitting lined up and will probably finish the “bunny” sweater.

Briley suppose to visit this weekend but that has been canceled as well as the weatherman is forecasting snow late Sunday with snow/sleet and freezing rain on Monday and more snow again on Tuesday. We’ve had snow everyday this month but one.

Every month I try to do something I’ve never done before. I’ve milked goats, made cheese, tried kayaking, went to see Clinton, Obama and Edwards in New Hampshire, etc. This month is difficult because of the weather but I do have something in mind. I just need someone to take a picture as otherwise it will be meaningless. I’ll surprise you later but new ideas are welcomed.
Who knows, your ideas may be better than mine :>)

Happy Knitting!!

Bunny Sweater

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on March 3, 2008.
I was quite pleased with the results of the bunny sweater for my 15 month old grandchild, Jakob. It was a UFO for quite some time and did not make my Christmas deadline. I justified the tardiness by thinking the sweater would be more appropriate for Easter anyway.

I was short on buttons as JoAnn’s was out of them so Kim, a quilting blogger friend, sent me buttons so I would have enough. Thank you, Kim…….you’re the best!

Once I returned to the sweater, the knitting went quickly except for picking up the stitches for the bands. I think it took longer to assemble the sweater than it was to knit it.

My signature touch!!!

Jakob is quite “busy” these days. It was difficult to get a good picture of him as he was more interested in checking all the Brio train pieces he had just received from my other two grandchildren who had outgrown them. I think there were enough trains pieces to go around a city block.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Entrelac Socks

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on February 9, 2008.

Sock Pattern: “Interweave Holiday Knits – 2007 Issue”
Yarn: Knitpicks Essentials /Cape Cod Needles: Size 2

When I started these socks I had the intent to gift them. As I progressed with the socks, I quickly realized this was not my best work so I will have to knit some other gift. These are some of the problems I encountered.

The pattern called for Size 1 needles (yikes!!). I decided to use Size 2 which later caused problems. There is a 24 stitch decrease after the cuff and a 24 stitch increase after the entrelac portion of the leg and that is where I encountered problems. There is a “hole” appearance everywhere I increased. I’m sure had I used size 1, the appearance would have been quite different. My tension was also off as I was trying to decide whether or not to use the short or the long dps. Using the shorter ones is easier.

A close-up of the pattern!
We’ve had over 17″ of snow this week and it is snowing now. I curtailed some of my activities today as a result. I did get together with a friend as planned last evening and again today.

As for the snow, I am quite winter weary. I was unable to drive my car into work one day this week and had to take a bus. After standing outside in the elements for 1 1/2 hours for a bus that never came because it was stranded in another town, and the whirling of sirens in the distance, I returned home. What a waste of time as I had to claim vacation time at work for my absence. We did have a little humor at the bus stop as we watched cars drive around the block several times as all road outlets were bogged down. There was a guy standing at the bus stop wearing only a “muscle shirt”. Wonder if he came down with pneumonia.

I am having a sleep apnea test tomorrow evening and wonder if I can knit for awhile though hooked up to wires. They claim there will be no movement restrictions. More doctor’s appointments early week as well. Wish me luck!

Happy Knitting!

Magnificent Mittens!!!

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 blog on January 23, 2008.

After blogging about the bad week I had been having, so many of you responded with comments that were so heartwarming, funny, and more. Some of you were going to take me yarn shopping. Kim was trying to calculate how long it would take her to drive from NJ to Vermont and stop and pick up alcoholic beverages along the way…lol. Some of you said you would go grocery shopping for me or to the pharmacy. Thank you!!! Reading your comments lifted my spirits.

This morning when I arrived at work, a co-worker, Amy, put the pictured book on my desk. OMG, I was so excited. I have been wanting to see this “out of print” book for some time. It is on loan to me for awhile. This book sells on e-bay for anywhere from $175 to $1,000. It all started when I saw a pair of mittens on someone’s blog and the pattern was from this book.
The mittens are knitted fingertip up as oppose to cuff down. There are so many valuable knitting tips as well. I’ve decided that the only way that I will be able to add this book to my permanent knitting library is if I locate at an estate or yard sale. I’m so fortunate to have a great group of women that I work with.

Here are pics from the book!!! Wish I had knitted these mittens!

A thumb and a spare! The book stated that fishermen wore out mitten thumbs quickly, thus the 2nd one!

Many of the patterns have the large cuffs on the mittens as shown in this pic.
I’m going to knit the below pattern!

I must, I must, I must be disciplined and not start another project till I have my UFO’s completed.

Happy Knitting!

I Promise Not To Delete Post Today!!!

Disclaimer: Topic is not about knitting today but about the unsolicited political e-mails I have been receiving.

Yesterday I wrote a lengthy post and quickly deleted it. Some of you may have been able to read a portion of it if you have Google Reader. I was afraid that perhaps it was a little “too strong”.

It seems that I am being inundated with anti-Obama e-mails. Also, see
Lizzie’s post for today regarding a similar situation.

Ok, I’m proud to say that I voted for Obama. If you didn’t, but you did exercise your right to vote as an American, great!!! I am not about to try to convince you about the pros and cons of any candidate unless you ask me. I may not agree with everything regarding our president but I do respect him and trust him.

So, I just don’t understand why people who barely know me and probably couldn’t even tell you how many children I have, feel compelled to send me garbage ….trashing Obama with no supporting documents to back what they are saying. I am now taking the practice of if there is an FW: in the subject line of an e-mail, it gets deleted and will soon be filtered to do so automatically.

Yes, we do have freedom of speech but there is a measure of responsibility that goes with that. I watched the unfolding events happening in Iran with some skepticism this past weekend, accepting the pictures but wary of the “tweets” that CNN seems so proud to promote these days. Anyone can pretend to be whoever they want to be and say what they want behind a cloak.

I don’t understand why the topic of politics would even come up at a family holiday dinner. But it has for me. Of course, the guest was a “drop in”, creating an air of uneasiness and then left. He bashed Obama but would not say who he had voted for. So please……….just shut up!

So, yesterday, out of curiosity, I Googled myself. Try it with your name. You might be surprised.

This is what I (deleted)
(ß-click) for myself. You might say that there is more than one person with my name but it also has my middle initital. I was quite active campaigning and was interviewed by several TV/radio stations. So someone apparently decided to comment on my behalf on this web site with misinformation.

I've deleted the above to protect my privacy in case there are "crazies" out there. Just to note that if you are a registered voter and someone knows what town you live in, your address is a public record and they can find you.

I never would have written the above. (quote has been deleted)

Now really…………..some people need to get a life.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yahoo 360 to Blogger

Some of my readers have noticed that I am transferring my Yahoo 360 posts to Blogger. Yahoo 360, as we know it, will close on July 12th . If you do nothing, it is goodbye forever.

There is no easy way but this is what I have done to make it less painful and avoid the stress of July 12th fast approaching.

Open the Yahoo 360 e-mail that you received and select "take entries elsewhere". Make sure that your e-mail address is correct as a confirmation when the files have been downloaded will be sent to you. Wait about 30 minutes and if it appears to be "in limbo", close that screen and check your e-mail. It will probably be there.

REMEMBER WHERE YOU HAVE DOWNLOADED THOSE FILES. There will be a "zip folder" (a compressed file). If you open that folder, there will be two files, one is for the text and the other is for your pictures. It IS IMPORTANT that you keep those two files in the same folder. (I learned the hard way.)

Go to WordPress, select upload Yahoo 360 posts and upload that zip folder. You will find that link in the left side panel. You may have to look closely as I didn't see it at first.

Once uploaded, all of your posts, including pictures will be in posts on WordPress including the comments.

Unfortunately, there is no getting around it. You will have to copy and paste to Blogger as Blogger has not developed a tool to do that. You will save yourself the pain of July 12th.

I schedule my posts in Blogger ahead of time, one or two per day, selecting "post options" at the bottome of that post entry screen. Otherwise, your regular readers will have their Blogger Reader flooded. I note that it was a previous post on Yahoo so that my longtime readers do not feel they have to read my posts or comment again.

Hope this helps. If anyone reading this knows a better way, please comment.

Men Who Knit!!!

Originally posted on Yahoo 360 on March 4, 2008. Thus, I'm transferring my posts to Blogger.

Men who knit seem to add a new layer of creativity when it comes to knitting. Briley, for one, writes a blog regarding his knitting adventures, his charities, his family and much more. He is always eager to help others with their knitting.

Another favorite of mine is Brooklyn Tweed who is also known as Jared Flood, a designer/knitter for some of your top knitting magazines.

It took awhile but I was able to convert my daughter, Amy, to learn to knit and become addicted to this art form. Last weekend, while I was visiting, I began to realize that my grandsons shyly displayed interest in my knitting. Awhile back, Joe (age 12) thought my moebius scarf was “cool”. I consider that quite a compliment from a soon to be teenage boy.

My daughter and I decided we could get my other grandchild interested by telling him he could knit hackysacks. Hackysacks are like small cube shaped beanbags that boys kick into the air and try to keep it aloft. Nick, age 10, has knitting classes offered to him at school but is too shy to participate. So, last weekend we taught him how to cast on, knit and bind off. He really enjoyed it.

Here is Nick knitting just before leaving for his soccer game.
I just had to share this picture below with you. My daughter went to check on Nick about an hour after retiring for the night. He had snuck his knitting to bed with him and fell asleep with the needles and yarn in his hands. Isn’t he precious!!!!!!

A gentleman where my daughter works told her he had started to learn to knit. She encouraged him to continue and last week he purchased Denise Needles and the book “Son of a Stitch and Bitch”. He has also joined Ravelry so I would say that his interest is serious.

So…………men of the world……….keep on knitting!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Waving Lace Socks - Part #2

Happy Father's Day to any dads who may be reading this or to moms who have had to be both mom and dad to their child/children.

First sock waiting for Kitchener stitch.

I love the ocean. I have salt water in my veins. I have many touches in my living room to reflect what I enjoy. My apartment is not sterile and when you walk in you immediately know that I love knitting, the ocean, plants, books and music.

If you are trying to figure out what those slats are in the above picture, it is my lobster trap coffee table with a very thick glass on the top. A relative drove four hours (from Maine) to deliver it to me. She mentioned the person's first name that she got it from. "Chreatch" was the original owner. Unbeknownst to her, "Chreatch" and I graduated together and our pictures are side by side in the year book. Makes my table that more special!

Elsie was so kind to provide me with decorating links as a result of her post on her beautiful napkins.

Here's a couple of my favorite blogs. Be careful, they are addictive even if you are not much of an entertainer. The photography alone is gorgeous. Designs By Gollum and Between Naps On The Porch are must reads. I located the laser cut cupcake wrappers used in the "ocean theme", Cupcake Wrappers. Now really, how could I resist those. My blog name tells you as well as a few items around my apartment as seen in the first pic.

Debbie Bliss at Webs in Northampton, MA on Tuesday for only two hours for her book signing. I've registered to attend but I need to check the checkbook before making a firm commitment.

Clutch Bag - Check this little bag. This pattern has moved its way up the list on my knitting dream list. How about red with black beads to go with that "little black dress". I've never had a little black dress. When I was thin, I was too busy with babies to wear one.

I desperately want to learn how to tat and make this bracelet and this pendant (especially the pendant).

I often go to the lake to relax and knit. You can see the New York Adirondack Mountains in the distance. It's much more beautiful a scene than I could capture in this picture. You don't see the many pine trees in the foreground. The sun was playing "hide and seek" today.

The point of this picture is that I watched in anticipation to see if two people would try to get into this boat. The wife dutifully helped her husband shove off to fish by himself. Apparently, he needed the solitude on Father's Day. I was aghast that he did not put on his life jacket! Yikes!

Bone scan scheduled for tomorrow for a possible stress fracture to my toe/foot area. It's always something!

Gratitude for the day....not sure, but I think this is a lily as seen at the entrance of a local restaurant.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Teacher Quilt Gifts

Every year, on the last day of school for my grandsons, my daughter, Amy, presents that year's teachers with a wall quilt she created. My older grandson is entering high school in September so the wall quilts are a well-established tradition.

This wall quilt was presented to my younger grandson's social studies teacher. My grandson, Nick, was involved in a geography contest and honorably represented his class. I remember him studying intensely while I was visiting him. My daughter tells me that the teacher choked up when she received her gift.

Plans are to put together a photo album of these quilts. My grandchildren are holding their quilt gift so we'll be able to see how they have changed through the years.
You can walk up and down the halls at school and see the nameplate wall quilts my daughter has made.

I was showing a co-worker these pictures and she commented that my daughter is very talented when it comes to crafts. She smiled as she said, "I wonder where she gets that from!". I quilt also but haven't in several years.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Waving Lace Socks

Pattern: Waving Lace Socks by Evelyn A. Clark
Book: Interweave Favorite Socks
Yarn: Angora Wool Blend-Dyed by Maine Yarn Shop
Needles: Size 2 4" dp needles

This yarn is a dream to knit with. It glides through your fingers like being on a slippery slope. It is an angora blend. I purchased the one skein, enough for a pair of socks, while I was in Maine a couple of months ago. It was a little pricey, but hey...besides my being worth it, I was on a mini-vacation.
I was disappointed when I unskeined it to put it on my yarn swift. The yarn was faded in the areas exposed to the store's floodlights. It was a bear to wind as all the little angora hairs wanted to hug each other like a velcro strip.

The yarn also has a scent from candles burning in the store which allows me to knit for only short periods of time as the odor becomes overpowering. Be assured that I will wash these socks before gifting.
A closeup ....I really enjoy my "Shirley Temple" cup. I purchased this item back in the late '80's at an antique shop in Maine. It had a minor chip in it (sigh).
When life is difficult, as it was this past week, I usually return to my gratitude journal. Usually, the things I enter are usually things like a baby smiling at me at the supermarket, a cardinal chirping "good morning" to me as I leave for work, contact from my loved ones, etc.

This morning I was awakened by a well-known "swish" sound outside my open window. (It's safe to have it open....high off the ground.) I grabbed my bathrobe and my camera and ran out on the front lawn in my bare feet. I must have been a pretty site to passer-bys!!! Hopefully, they didn't have a camera. You never know when you might end up on Youtube.
This is what I saw......
Are we crashing? Are we taking off? A little scary as there is no open space in that immediate area to land safely.

Alison, this is for you........the name on the balloon is "The Inn at Essex", which has been mentioned in a previous post.

Up, up, up!!!!............
......and away!!!!

Happy Knitting!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ilga's Socks - Part 2

I am feeling the love for this knitting project. It’s not really that difficult, but it is a little time-consuming. However, the fact that is is straight knitting for part of the leg and all of the foot speeds up the project. I like the way the pattern is centered on the front of the sock.

Unfortunately, I didn't remember to follow these knitting rules...... changing yarn colors or yarn dominance....but the philosophy of a very wise, older knitter (a/k/a Joansie) is:

"If you make the same mistake more than once, it is now considered a pattern."

The inside looks pretty good! You think? Rule of thumb is that floats should be no longer than five stitches. I may have stretched the rule in a couple of places.

I hope I don’t have that dreaded disease called SSS (single sock syndrome). I've yet to find a cure for that illness. I’ve started two other projects since completing this one. My excuse was that the pattern was too difficult to follow on my plane trip last week, so I forged ahead with other knitting.

Thank you all for your support regarding my last post regarding difficulties with my mother. I truly am happy to be home again from Colorado and regain some sense of saneness and normalcy.

I had no time at all to knit while I was with my mom. I should have clarified that mom's is actually two hours away from Denver. The Denver area has some beautiful places but the area my mother lives in is rather unscenic (i.e. ugly). I left just in time as the day after my departure, the area had more tornadoes and so much hail that the plow trucks had to be used to clear the roads.

Check out this site Resweater. It is one of my favorites. Two posts back has the neatest mittens.

Don't forget that tomorrow is "World Wide Knit In Public Day (WWKIPD)". Ravelry.com groups for your state will tell you where one is being held in your area. There are several locations in Vermont, one being in City Hall Park in Burlington starting at 9:00 a.m.

I think you will like the other two projects I am knitting. One may be a contest giveaway and I’ll decide on that as soon as I figure out if my alterations to the pattern are acceptable. I know, I’m teasing you but doesn’t everyone like a surprise. So, stay posted.
Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Good Riddance Denver!!

I arrived in Denver last Wednesday and was so very happy to see my mother again. My sister was there also.

I wrote a lengthy post in a word processor, debating if I should share with my readers everything that transpired during my visit. It was not pretty. I was unable to copy and paste it and decided that it was meant to be kept private.

I will tell you that my mother's surgery went very well. Unfortunately, my mom became abusive, furious at my father for leaving when I was only three years old and wanted me to leave when I became upset and told her to stop. She survived three other husbands who were very good to her. She is under a tremendous amount of stress, having to make very important living decisions and is unable to do so and will not let anyone help her. She is 89, but age is not an excuse as she has been this way most of her life.

The third day I was there I freaked out when this happened.

There were warnings for our area and my mom doesn't have a cellar to her home for protection. There were five separate tornadoes and one touched down and hit a shopping mall, overturning cars and tractor trailers along the way. I ran to a neighbors for help.

A phone number scrolled across the screen but I was not able to capture it in time. By calling the number and listing your own phone number, you will be contacted if it is your neighborhood that is in immediate danger as opposed to a county. I also learned that the town has a siren to warn people and the police cruisers will drive up and down the streets to alerting residents.

Most people laughed that I was so scared. I'm told this is a normal occurrence. Sorry, I'll take my winter snow storms and stay safely indoors with homemade soup.

Can you see the tornado in the upper right of the picture?

This hail was minor. Some areas had baseball size hail.

So, when mom started to call a relative and complain that I was not caring for her properly, that was the last straw. I did everything I could. I called her eye doctor because she was not taking her glaucoma drops, spoke to her other doctors about various issues, took her to visit friends, cooked, was up with her during the night and never complained. So, I decided my sister could take over. She just returned from her vacation. I left...........
Continental had a 1 1/2 hr. delay leaving Denver, more delays leaving Newark. It was a very turbulent flight and a scary landing.
I'm happy to be back home.