Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Men Who Knit!!!

Originally posted on Yahoo 360 on March 4, 2008. Thus, I'm transferring my posts to Blogger.

Men who knit seem to add a new layer of creativity when it comes to knitting. Briley, for one, writes a blog regarding his knitting adventures, his charities, his family and much more. He is always eager to help others with their knitting.

Another favorite of mine is Brooklyn Tweed who is also known as Jared Flood, a designer/knitter for some of your top knitting magazines.

It took awhile but I was able to convert my daughter, Amy, to learn to knit and become addicted to this art form. Last weekend, while I was visiting, I began to realize that my grandsons shyly displayed interest in my knitting. Awhile back, Joe (age 12) thought my moebius scarf was “cool”. I consider that quite a compliment from a soon to be teenage boy.

My daughter and I decided we could get my other grandchild interested by telling him he could knit hackysacks. Hackysacks are like small cube shaped beanbags that boys kick into the air and try to keep it aloft. Nick, age 10, has knitting classes offered to him at school but is too shy to participate. So, last weekend we taught him how to cast on, knit and bind off. He really enjoyed it.

Here is Nick knitting just before leaving for his soccer game.
I just had to share this picture below with you. My daughter went to check on Nick about an hour after retiring for the night. He had snuck his knitting to bed with him and fell asleep with the needles and yarn in his hands. Isn’t he precious!!!!!!

A gentleman where my daughter works told her he had started to learn to knit. She encouraged him to continue and last week he purchased Denise Needles and the book “Son of a Stitch and Bitch”. He has also joined Ravelry so I would say that his interest is serious.

So…………men of the world……….keep on knitting!


  1. I love the creativty of Knitting Men! Are you moving all of your Yahoo 360 to Blogspot? Is there an easy way to import? Or is it all copy & paste?

  2. What a wonderful post . I had taught my granddaughter to knit a couple years ago but bet she's forgot it all since she seems only interested in sports now.

  3. It's neat to catch up with posts I either haven't read or can't remember reading. I bet he is even more handsome this year. Renate

  4. I admire men who knit, I have been trying to teach Dh but he is having none of it.