Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Taking A Break!

To all my faithful readers, this is to let you know that I will be taking a break from blogging for awhile.  I have two knitting classes coming up and after those are done, I will be taking a break from knitting as well to rest and relax and decide what I want to do.

I hope you have enjoyed my posts thus far and have found them helpful, sometimes a little too truthful, sometimes informative and sometimes even fun.

Thanks for your support!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yarn Bombing - The New Graffiti

Yarn Bombing  (<--click to read article)

It is self-explantory.  I wish I had had the time to take pictures of a couple other bizarre things happening in the Burlington area.

If you read the comments, I think the culprit is the person who said the leg warmers are crocheted and not knitted.  What do you think?

Happy Knitting!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Testing - Having Problems with Blogger

Readers have been unable to leave comments.  Testing to see if the problem continues.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Shamrock Pin - You Have Time!!!

Sorry, many of you have not been able to leave comments on this one post.  The problem has been corrected.

Shamrock Pin  (click for link to free pattern)

I posted about this pin last year and thought I would share it with you again as it is such a quick and fun knit.

The clasp on the back can be purchased as a package at Michael's.  There must be 25 in a package so what are you waiting for...get going!!

Isn't everyone Irish on March 17th? I look forward to the day for a number of reasons. It's the one day I have corned beef and cabbage, wear a little green, but I pass on the green beer. I like to listen to Celtic music and it completes my day.

As a bonus, it is my work anniversary date so each year I get two additional paid personal days.

Happy Knitting!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Unwanted Knitted Gifts

On the knitting front, I've completed several projects but have not had time to take pictures.  Later this week I'll post about them.

Recently, while visiting my daughter, we were getting ready to leave for a holiday dinner at relatives when she walked into the living room, stood there with a smirk on her face waiting for me to notice how many things she was wearing that I had knitted for her. It pleased me immensely.

However, I’ve knitted for quite a few people never to see the items again. Here’s a few of them.

This shawl took me three months to knit and was only worn by the recipient for the obligatory picture.
This cowl was seen once stuffed in a pocket and the recipient requested this item and even selected the yarn herself.
This cowl was admired, the yarn again selected by the recipient, and never seen again.
This cowl was left on the recipient’s desk and the comment was “What the hell is this?” and never seen again.
This baby sweater sat on the recipient’s desk unopened for three days, a thank you when I asked about it, and never mentioned again. Did it look cute on the baby?, etc.
So, I really enjoy knitting for charity and for people I know really need it and will appreciate it.

So, it got me to thinking. I’ve received gifts that I didn’t particular want or like but never said a word, nor returned them or regifted them such as the following:

How about this expensive silk scarf ($35)?  It's from "Infectious Awearables"
 Each one of us in the office received one for Christmas from a former director of the department. The conversation went like this. What did Dr. X give you?

He gave me ...........
Others said "he gave me hepatitis" or he gave me whatever infectious and dreadful disease one can think of. I never see anyone wearing their scarf.  The print on the scarf shows what the molecules for the disease would look like under a microscope.

Anyone who knows me fairly well knows I am from Maine and that I love lobster but this is going a bit too far.
The lobster plate is a pin and the knife and fork are earrings.  I’ve never worn this either.

Hope you got a chuckle out of this!