Friday, March 12, 2010

Shamrock Pin - You Have Time!!!

Sorry, many of you have not been able to leave comments on this one post.  The problem has been corrected.

Shamrock Pin  (click for link to free pattern)

I posted about this pin last year and thought I would share it with you again as it is such a quick and fun knit.

The clasp on the back can be purchased as a package at Michael's.  There must be 25 in a package so what are you waiting for...get going!!

Isn't everyone Irish on March 17th? I look forward to the day for a number of reasons. It's the one day I have corned beef and cabbage, wear a little green, but I pass on the green beer. I like to listen to Celtic music and it completes my day.

As a bonus, it is my work anniversary date so each year I get two additional paid personal days.

Happy Knitting!