Saturday, October 30, 2010

Abandoned Child - Yes? - No?

I think this post warrants its own space and I'll write another today to show my knitting progress.

I've never been accused of "minding my own business".  Of course, I have at times as after all I did go through a divorce.  However, I will often "speak up" and then think that perhaps I may have put myself into a situation that could have gotten out of hand and my safety might be in jeopardy.

So, today I was out the door before daylight to take my car to the garage.  When done, I had a craving for a chocolate-glazed donut so I went through the drive-thru at Dunkin Donuts.  All of a sudden, I saw a very young child, perhaps about 3 years old, getting out of a car to walk, perhaps run, across the very crowded parking lot.  There was no adult in site near this beat-up car.  I stopped my own vehicle and watched, perhaps scaring the child as he tugged at the door to close it again.

Now, I get infuriated when someone leaves their dog in a hot car and though it is now currently quite cold in Vermont, I still felt anger that a child had been left alone in an unlocked car, not that a locked car would have been that much better but certainly would have delayed a possible snatching.

I parked my car (again), walked into the overcrowded glassed-front donut shop and walking to the long line of folks I loudly asked,  "whose child is that?" as I pointed in the direction of the car in question.  Everyone said, "not my child".  I walked over to the seated area and asked again, "Whose child is that?"  Everyone again said the same thing.  I looked towards the rest room hoping someone would come walking out and want to claim this child.  No one!!!  So, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear, I said, "Well, I guess I am just going to have to call the police!"...hoping someone would man-up, or woman-up.

I returned to my car, thinking perhaps this child had been abandoned, called the police and waited and watched and watched.  Finally, a non-chalant coffee-carrying man walked to the car at which time I informed him I had just called the police and told him why.  As I spoke I noticed that the look in the child's eyes was terrifying and in my most comforting voice I said, "It's ok, honey, it's okay."

"I was concerned about your child, very concerned about your beautiful child", I told the man.  His reply was "Oh, he knows to watch for cars!"  I wanted to remind him that this child would have had absolutely no defense against someone snatching him, etc.

He did agree to wait for the police to respond to my call.  When they arrived they obviously recognized his name because I heard the man say, "yes, the police were at my house the other night!".  (Wonder why??) 

If nothing else, the father will be fined for not having a car seat in the car for this child.  Now, really!!!!  someone who would leave such a young child unattended in a car could probably care less about having the required car seat in the vehicle. 

Obviously, this so-called father did not want to lose his place in line at the donut shop and is the reason he didn't speak up when I asked who the parent was.  Perhaps he thought I would just go away.  Not me!!!!

So, on that note....have you seen the TV program, "What Would You Do?"  It's a modern day version of "Candid Camera" that show people who step up to the plate to help a stranger (actors)in need.  Very heartwarming!

Monday, October 18, 2010

The Sweater Curse

No, no.....this is not a handknit.  It's a sweater repair job I have inherited.

You've heard of the "sweater curse".  You've heard of the book ..."Never Knit Your Man A Sweater*".....*till you have the ring!  Read on!!!
My co-worker's son's girlfriend gifted him this sweater!  They broke up  (i.e. the sweater curse) and now the brother loves the sweater. 
 It's a Dale of Norway sweater.  They usually sell for around $300.
I believe it may be a "second" because the tag is snipped.  Still pricey, however.
Notice the row of knitting just below the "Dale" tag.  It's what needs repairing.
Here's the inside of the sweater....unraveling in all it's glory.  When I asked my co-worker if she was hand-washing or dry-cleaning this sweater as it would make a difference on what I used for yarn for the repair job, her response was, "Oh, use anything you want, any color you want!".  Well, that won't work with my signature on this repair job.  I have a reputation to uphold in the knitting world.  It will look nice.

Have you experienced the curse?

On another note....I saw snow on the mountaintop when I left work today.  I'm getting those scarves and mittens ready.

Happy Knitting!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journey Wheel or Bostworth Charka Wheel

I never heard of this spinning wheel till today.  But, friends, I do not know much about spinning. 

This is the Bosworth Charka Wheel by Jonathan Bloomenthal.  See links at end of post.  I'll tell you more about my friend later in the post and how this all came about.
My friend Leah is preparing to spin.

 In the above picture, Leah is turning the wheel and spinning.

 In this picture, she is packing up the wheel.  Notice how the fiber is tucked in.

Here is Leah with her wheel, all folded up.  This gives you an idea of how small it is.  Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I only had my cell phone with me.

Journey Wheel for more information on purchasing and pricing.

Bosworth Charka Demo ... click for a YouTube demo on how this wheel operates.  Pretty informative!

This is how the day developed.....I was at a store that sells quality yarn amongst a gazillion other very interesting things.  I ran into Leah and instantly we knew we knew each other but from where?  Our paths have crossed before at a knitting group and at the farmer's market and it was one of those things where while exchanging phone numbers we say..."Call me!" and life gets in the way and we never do.  So, today, we stopped and "smelled the roses" and went and had coffee together. 

Leah gave me a demo of her gorgeous wheel right there in the crowded parking lot on the hood of the car.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

I was so energized after spending time with Leah and exchanging craft ideas that I am ready to tackle the horrendous amount of housework waiting for me before I knit more on my "Dark and Stormy" sweater.  I had planned on showing you a progress photo today but more on that later.

I haven't posted much in the last couple of weeks.  I've been too busy having fun with my fiber friends.  Those ladies in my current knitting class are an absolute hoot!!!!  Class sold out and this Tuesday is the last class (boohoo!)

Happy Knitting!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Valery - A Hip Knit Hat

Pattern:  Valery
Yarn:  Alpaca
Needles:  Size 11

I am a little disappointed with this hat.  Perhaps it's my yarn selection.  Yarn is beautiful but too soft to hold the shape of this pattern.

It's a quick knit.  An evening relaxing and watching TV will get it done.  It's a quick and easy Christmas present!!!

The pattern is from the below-pictured book which has a lot of hats that I really like.  It was worth the purchase.
We had torrential rain this week as did most of the East Coast.  I had two events I really wanted to go to.  One was my class reunion in Maine.  The other was the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival and I opted for that one. 

Norma and I were scheduled to go today but decided that after last year's experience of ankle-deep mud, spinning tires trying to free itself from suctioning mud, we decided to wait till tomorrow and let the fields dry out a bit. 

With other events being canceled already for next weekend for fear of ruining parking fields, we decided not to go tomorrow.  It would have been a 4-hr round trip and fearing the worse, we decided to be sensible and stay home.

I taught my first Fair Isle class this past Tuesday.  The class achieved its maximum enrollment.  The ladies are delightful, absolutely delightful. 

After almost drowning in the frog pond with my top-down blue cabled sweater, I am back on track and will soon be below the armholes.  I missed a very important sentence in the pattern instructing me to read the chart starting with column 19-34 and then 1-19.  Whoever thought of reading a chart starting in the center of the graph?

It's a fun knit and difficult to put down.

So.........on that note........

Happy Knitting!