Saturday, October 2, 2010

Valery - A Hip Knit Hat

Pattern:  Valery
Yarn:  Alpaca
Needles:  Size 11

I am a little disappointed with this hat.  Perhaps it's my yarn selection.  Yarn is beautiful but too soft to hold the shape of this pattern.

It's a quick knit.  An evening relaxing and watching TV will get it done.  It's a quick and easy Christmas present!!!

The pattern is from the below-pictured book which has a lot of hats that I really like.  It was worth the purchase.
We had torrential rain this week as did most of the East Coast.  I had two events I really wanted to go to.  One was my class reunion in Maine.  The other was the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival and I opted for that one. 

Norma and I were scheduled to go today but decided that after last year's experience of ankle-deep mud, spinning tires trying to free itself from suctioning mud, we decided to wait till tomorrow and let the fields dry out a bit. 

With other events being canceled already for next weekend for fear of ruining parking fields, we decided not to go tomorrow.  It would have been a 4-hr round trip and fearing the worse, we decided to be sensible and stay home.

I taught my first Fair Isle class this past Tuesday.  The class achieved its maximum enrollment.  The ladies are delightful, absolutely delightful. 

After almost drowning in the frog pond with my top-down blue cabled sweater, I am back on track and will soon be below the armholes.  I missed a very important sentence in the pattern instructing me to read the chart starting with column 19-34 and then 1-19.  Whoever thought of reading a chart starting in the center of the graph?

It's a fun knit and difficult to put down.

So.........on that note........

Happy Knitting!


  1. Great hat! I love the design. It looks like you used the same yarn as the pattern in the book. Yarn too soft, I hate when that happens.

  2. I've think I might have peeked at that book from the library a time or two - great patterns. And I especially like that hat.

  3. You should have gone to the Festival, it was dry with the exception of one big puddle in the parking lot. Beautiful days both days too....we missed you :)

  4. I think the hat looks great! :) Will for sure make some great chirmstmas gifts. :)

  5. Do you remember the Go Dogs Go book for toddlers? "Do you like my hat?"

    "I DO! I LIKE it! I LIKE that party hat!"

    Sums it up quite well!

  6. I love the hat ! You've come darned close to the photo on the book too. Yeah, I can see myself making that one...

  7. Sorry you don't like the hat. It does look great though. Thank you for your comment on knitting for others. I cannot believe you put all that work into an Estonian lace shawl for someone's wedding and she did not wear it! I would be tempted to ask for it back as well.

    Happy days, Gale

  8. I knew it. Cyberspace swallowed my comment. So here it goes again. I like the hat. I wonder what yarn you used, so I won't make the same mistake. Have a good evening. Renate

  9. You are such a wonderful knitter. I love the hat--wish I could knit like you do. I was in Maine--the weather was great for the first two days and then started deteriorating. I left on Tuesday when it was starting to get really bad and was glad I did. I got some great ocean videos that I need to get transferred. Can't wait to watch them!

  10. Great hats!
    I just came by to thank you for visiting my blog (and commenting!)
    I already miss the Pepperell store. It was a great place for sheeting, vellux, comforters, towels, curtains, bias tape, thread... One of the ladies who worked there had a lovely Can. French accent, and I loved to hear her talk. She once told me that the large pieces of sheeting (which were sold by the pound!) were favorites of quilters, who used the large-width pieces for backing.
    It's been a beautiful weekend, just a little crisp. It was Homecoming, and the football team beat Sanford Friday night and my son (16 y.o. and a Biddeford High junior) got all duded up and went to the dance last night.
    Bet it was beautiful in Vt. this weekend too.
    Drop by again sometime.

  11. Too bad the wool was a bit soft but I really love the colors together.

  12. I would have opted for the Sheep and Wool festival instead of the reunion too! Too bad about all of the rain though. I don't blame you for waiting to let it dry out a little. I'm a little jealous of your fall weather though. I went running this morning at six, and it was in the high 70s already. Yuck!

    Thanks for your nice note on my blog. I do like teaching a lot of the time, and the kids themselves hardly every discourage me; they're supposed to be annoying, ha,ha; but ignorant adults, who are supposedly experts, are the ones who make me want to scream sometimes.