Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dark and Stormy - A Shawl Collar Sweater

Pattern:  Dark and Stormy
Yarn:  Berroco Ultra Alpaca (Periwinkle Blue) - 8 skeins
Needles:  Size 7 circular

The picture shows the center back of this shawl-collared sweater.  Knitted from the neck down, the pattern has several options for fittingPeeking under the sweater is a completed pair of socks that have not yet been worn....probably waiting for this sweater. 

I love blue lapis jewelry so I will have to look for a pendant to wear with this sweater.  After spending a fair amount of $$$ for the yarn, it deserves a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Next week is the "Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival".  I am going with Norma who is always such a hoot.  Last year we needed to rent Noah's Ark but Norma brought a leaky umbrella instead.  We were walking in ankle-deep mud, avoiding patches of poison ivy but we had a blast!  I can't wait to see other Vermont Bloggers such as Gayle and Amy.

So, if you are from Vermont and traveling south to attend, Norma and I hope to have knitters meet for dinner at Arvads in Waterbury for wonderful food, conversation and a "show and tell".

As you know, I teach knitting classes and had to swallow my pride and creep over to my LYS for help with the chart on this pattern.  I felt totally frustrated and when I showed it to the clerk, her comment was "Who The Hell Wrote This Pattern?"  Thea Colman designs beautiful sweaters but even I found this chart difficult to comprehend as it does not list all the stitches or pattern repeat like I've seen with other patterns.  Once I understood the designer's approach I found it quite easy.

Earlier this summer I purchased this plastic filled utensil bag at the Christmas Tree Shop.  I really got my money's worth because I am using the bag as a "yarn bra".   

When winding yarn into a "cake" so as to have a center-pull skein, if the fiber is slippery (i.e. silk content) or a very large cake, it eventually falls onto itself and you have a mess of tangles and knots.  The yarn bra prevents that as it contracts as the center of the cake becomes hollow.
You can also buy yarn bras at a number of web stores for very little $$$.

My next round of classes start this Tuesday and I'm very excited about this class.  When other classes at the Rec. Dept. are being canceled due to poor enrollment, I'm fortunate that my class is full with several repeat knitters.

When I hear someone say they are bored, I just cannot relate.  There are so many hobbies to enjoy, books to read, the awe of nature, etc.  Knitting is my relaxation.

I'm having dinner with friends this evening.  For the last 30 years from 15-30 of us have gotten together.  Years ago we met monthly and then would go dancing or to a movie.  As we have aged, we meet 3-4 times per year, have dinner, chat for awhile and then go home.  It's not always easy to find a nice restaurant that will cater to a large group so we are usually limited to a selection of perhaps five restaurants in a city known for its many, many fine restaurants.

Happy Knitting!


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  2. Just gorgeous! Well, the lady at the LYS confirmed that it wasn't just you trying to figure out the pattern. I'll let you work out all the kinks of the pattern before I have a go at it.

    I love Cat Bordhi's designs, but I have such a hard time understanding her patterns. Charlene Schurch is another designer that I love, but sometimes, I can't get my mind wrapped around her charts.

    Your sweater is looking lovely & those socks are a great accessory!

    Now, I have to try that yarn! LOL!

    Have fun at the festival with Norma & behave yourselves!

  3. Love the color and design. I've seen those yarn bras several times; but somehow they just didn't seem like a good idea to me. I always have my yarn in a carry bag, so guess I just don't need them. Glad it works for you.

  4. Dark and Stormy looks lovely. Thanks for the tip re the charts though. Good to know. have fun at your dinner.

  5. It's a wonderful pattern and I love your choice of yarn and color ! Thanks for the info as I may do this sweater next year. Anything that carries yarn is all good with me. Enjoy !

  6. For some reason, google reader isn't allowing me to comment on your imitation is flattery posting so Im posting here about that.
    I think those teachers who copy so blatantly must be amoral,brain dead or both.

  7. In re of your imitation/flattery post, that really takes the cake! I've read other bloggers tell how their (free) patterns were stolen, then sold for a fee by the thief.

    Would you believe, my daughter's good friend had someone steal her facebook profile picture and post it as their own? Not sure if the thief really shares the same name or not. I assume she did, and thought my daughter's friend was prettier than she (she's a gorgeous girl).

    There are all kinds of dishonest people out there, sadly.

  8. That is going to be one gorgeous blue sweater!

  9. Oh that blue design looks gorgeous! I can also not relate to boredom, wow I have so much to do I WISH I was bored =) The dinner sounds so amazing, what a great thing to do..makes me wish I was closer to my larger groups of family & friends. Hey thanks for stopping by today too! Have a beautiful day.

  10. This is going to be a beautiful sweater. And like you said, it deserves a beautiful piece of jewlery with it. Love your cute idea for the "yarn bra" :)

  11. Rounding today from the Bridge...waving hello.

  12. Oooh, I love Ultra Alpaca. And I'm with you on the boredom thing. Bored? Never!!!

  13. Aren't you clever! Love your "yarn bra"...I'm going to have to remember that one :)

    happy knitting :)