Saturday, September 4, 2010

The Vermont Hat

Yarn:  Cascade 220 (lavender and white)
Needles:  Size 7 & 9 circular & size 9 dp's for crown

Fair Isle knitting never has more than two different color yarns in the same row.  Fair Isle is usually knitted in the round.  It is just easier.  If knitting a cardigan, steeking is utilized. 

This site (<--click) has a wealth of information for a Fair Isle beginner.

I will be teaching a Fair Isle, sometimes known as "Stranded Color Work", at the end of September.  This pattern is perfect for a beginner.  It's an easy pattern to knit and there are no long floats in the back.  Floats should not be any longer than 5 stitches.

I held one color in my right hand and one color in my left hand.  Here is a good video to demonstrate this approach.....    "Stranded Color Work"                         
      Here's another great reference.... "How To Catch Back Yarn In Two Color Knitting"

Using the method above gives the inside a very "neat" look.

I'm off to finish knitting my hat.  I've had a busy day.....much more later.  I also need to catch up on my blog reading.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I saw that pattern and bookmarked it. I like the two colors you've chosen. The inside of the hat looks really top notch. Renate

  2. I've not yet tried Fair Isle knitting. That is such a lovely hat. I'm bookmarking the pattern, along with the links you shared, and I'll use them when I get ready to dive into Fair Isle. Once again, I'm wishing I could take one of your classes! ;-)

  3. Your Vermont hat looks great! That is a great & easy pattern isn't it? Are you going to make another hat by reversing the colors?

    I've made this hat using similar colors, but I don't think that the inside of mine looks as neat.

  4. Great list of resources! You're definitely making it easier for knitters hopeful of learning this technique. Oh, the fun they'll have!

  5. Never heard it called stranded color work before, though it is descriptive of what's going on.

    Love the colors, bright and clean contrast.

  6. Such a beautiful hat - added it to my queue. It's been a while since I've done any color work - this might be a good reintroduction. :-)

  7. That pattern is gorgeous. I think I'm going to have to break down and join Ravelry. I'm more of a crocheter so couldn't fully understand her steps in the video. For the demo maybe she should have used larger needles. I will figure it out.

    This is where making doll clothes comes in handy: make a small item for practice.