Monday, September 20, 2010

Cedar Leaf Shawlette

Pattern:  Cedar Leaf Shawlette
Yarn:  Madeline Tosh Hand Dyed Yarn - Pashmina merino/silk/cashmere

Click on the pattern link to see how beautiful this shawlette can be especially if you are young and beautiful.  My choice of yarn was expensive and disappointing.  However, I still love the shawlette. 

The photography and patterns at this site are superb, absolutely superb and "NeverNotKnitting" currently has a give-away of her 12 new patterns
I had my staff appreciation day.  Lots of pics so I will let the pics speak for themselves.  Lousy time of the day to hold a plate of food in one hand and try to keep the camera steady with the other hand.  Go to the end to see why everyone is "clapping".

One of the many signs informing us of the food selection at the table ahead of us.  Just couldn't get away from the "shadows".

Crowd just beginning to gather.  There was a 3-piece jazz band for entertainment.

The university president was there to greet each and everyone of us and express his appreciation for a job well done.

The best Waldorf salad I've ever eaten.

Great sandwiches!

Grilled hot dogs with a condiment bar nearby! (a little out of focus!)

Just some of the many hundreds of people in attendance.

The sky was so gorgeous!
And everyone is clapping because again this year, the university president announced that we were being given the week between Christmas and New Year's as paid vacation in addition to all our other wonderful benefits.  Because we also get two paid holidays off before Christmas and two days at New Year's, this equals to two full weeks off.

I'm pretty fortunate to have a job with all these perks!  I wish the same to all of you reading this that have jobs outside the home.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Looks like a beautiful day was enjoyed by all!

  2. What a nice day!
    The shawlette is a great pattern.

  3. O xale é lindo e delicado...

    Beijos Dolores

  4. Fantastic! Always great to read something positive.

  5. You out did yourself with the knitting & the photography. Both are beautiful!

    I was going to use that yarn for my current project, but changed my mind after reading less than favorable reviews on Raverly. I'm glad that I went with the Cascade 220 Superwash wool.

    Now, why did you have to send me to Never Not Knitting's site? LOL! Oh, I want that "New and Improved Playful Stripes" baby sweater.

  6. The shawlette looks elegant on you. You did good having food in one hand and the camera in the other. Renate

  7. Your day looks like a fun time. I shouldn't have read about it just before dinner. Now, I'm starved. Such wonderful food.

  8. Great post! I haven't had breakfast yet, so the menu sounds especially tempting. My friend from Maine, who I'm pretty sure is a UVM grad., was just telling us at our last book club meeting about some seaweed snack from Maine that she loved as a kid. I can't remember its name.

  9. Oh, poo-poo to being young. It's totally overated !!! -- Your shawl is beautiful, love the yarn and you look amazing in it dahlink !!!
    Your post has made me really hungry, don't know why.

  10. Hi , Joansie. You look pretty with this shawl.
    I have a request for you. I asked to my followers and everybody who would like dor your exprience about knitting and crocheting in twenty century. I try to do a little " history of knitting and crocheting" from your own experiences. I'll translate english to spanish and spanish english when I have enough comment from many countries.
    Think about your mothers and grandmothers. What were they knitting, fibers, pieces; When and where knitted... remember!
    And If you want you can write a comment in my blog explaining your experience.

  11. Wow that's some awesome some benefits!! That is why I loove my job, I double up for Oct/Nov and take Dec off =)

  12. The shawl looks great - might be just what I am looking for to make for my mil. And congrats on the time off!

  13. Love the shawl, but would prefer something a little "deeper" for myself. Can the pattern be modified?

    When I worked at Ohio State, my department head was talking about giving us that week off...but he was just talking... Lucky you!!

  14. What a wonderful event -- love the shawlette too!

  15. What a beautiful day!!! And all that wonderful food :P. I love the shawlette, I'd probably opt to make it a bit bigger (longer?). I never could figure out how the small shawlettes like that would keep anyone warm :P.