Sunday, September 19, 2010

Susie's Reading Mitts - Finished

Pattern: "Susie's Reading Mitts" (click for free Pattern from designer)

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Donnagal Luxury Tweed 85% Wool/15% Angora
Needles: Size 5 dps

I'm not sure how I feel about these mitts......

They are quite "earthy".......aren't they???

Originally, the first mitt had the pink candy ribbon.  I felt it was very juvenile-looking and decided to change it.
I was at Jo'Ann's buying the suede ribbon when an 8-year old girl started asking me about the mitt and told me how pretty she thought it was.  That confirmed my thoughts.  This little girl was so sweet that if they had been a smaller size, I would have given the mitts to her.  She told me she was taking ice skating lessons.

She was extremely patient while her grandma and I had this long conversation about crafts. 

I'm a little taken lately with trying out new cheeses in moderation.  Bonne Bouche won the 2010 best aged goat cheese in America award.  I'm proud that it is made here in Vermont.  The grey that you see is actually mold that happens in the aging process.

I was at the health food store and looking for a good cracker to go with the cheese.  The name on these caught my eye.  Seaweed!!!!  Right up my alley with my blog name and my roots that go back to the Coast of Maine.  

I was not disappointed!  Delicious!!!

Oops!  forgot that this is really a knitting blog.  I started a new hat today.  Pictures coming mid-week.  It's a quick knit using alpaca yarn and I am loving it.

BTW...the mitts means I have another UFO finished.  The cooler weather was the incentive I needed.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I like the mitts. A kid-sized version would look good with the pink ribbon. I don't know if I have complimented you on your Fall photo collage; it's beautiful. Renate

  2. ohmy how i loved this post! The mitts are awesome, I love me some good cheese and those crackers are one of my favorites as their gluten-free =) Thanks for stopping =) Have a wonderful week ahead.

  3. Oh these mitts are beautiful! I love them with both types of ribbons. You could gift them with the brown suede & also give the pink ribbon to change them when the mood strikes.

    I want to try some Debbie Bliss yarn. I'm expanding my yarn/fiber experiences. I wish I could share this with my mom. She'd love it!

    Cheese & crackers....yum!

    Yes, enjoying the cooler weather. The crock pot & knitting go so well together!

  4. Great mitts, they look perfect for fall.

  5. I like the mitts, they are very pretty!

  6. I like those suede ties- they pick up the flecks of the came color in the yarn. Very nice!

    I hope you didn't have any trouble with your yarn smelling like diesel oil. The Yarn Harlot has been having the problem with the aran weight of that yarn.

  7. The mitts are lovely and what a good lesson in how the trim can affect the finished product. The pink ribbon sure did make them look as if they were for a little girl.

  8. I really like the mitts. The rice snaps look good. I love the sesame ones.

  9. Love the mitts. And I love the suede ribbon you used in them. Sure made a huge difference from the pink ribbon. :) Yum cheese! We love cheese at my house. I always have to have it in the fridge.

  10. Love the mitts ! I like that yours are so unique from the others I've seen. I like both pairs but I have to agree, the suede is the best. Hmmmm, I'm sure they don't have that cheese in our town but perhaps when I venture into Atlanta. Brown rice snaps, um good !

  11. I like the suede better, too. The ribbon was a little too 'cutesy' for me.
    I know there's a whole thing about mold and cheese, but moldy food just seems so wrong...

  12. I really like the mitts with either ribbon, though I can see where a little one might prefer the pink. Beautiful choice of yarn, too. :-)