Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby "J" Multi-Directional Cardigan #420

Pattern:  Baby "J" Multi-Directional Cardigan #420
Needles:  Size 6
Yarn:  Plymouth Dream Baby DK

This little baby sweater, in a beautiful raspberry colorway, was on display at my LYS.  Looking at the pattern, I never would have purchased it because it just did not do this sweater justice.  Very poor photography. 

It is also known as the "Compass" sweater as you eventually knit in every direction.  The neck band is knitted first, then the fronts (south). The back is knitted north on the imaginary compass, the right front is knitted to the west and the left is knitted to the east.

I love garter stitch and this multi-directional knitting keeps the interest alive.


The Back!

The cuff!

I love the cuff as baby's mom won't have to struggle to get those little, delicious fingers through the sleeve.  It also allows for baby's growth!

The sweater is aqua with flecks of blue and yellow.  The vote by my co-workers was that it was "girly" so I purchased girly buttons.  I really wanted the sweater to be unisex and would have purchased different buttons.

I still need to knit the hat and booties but that is not on my schedule till after the 1st of the year.

The "Dark and Stormy" sweater is almost finished.  Fronts, back and sleeves look great with the front band and collar awaiting me.  It has become to heavy to lug to work to knit on my lunch hour or carry in the car.

I have exciting news to share with you as soon as I finalize things.  It's been one of my goals for some time and I am very pleased.  Just a little "teaser"!!!

This time change kills me.  My body does not like the adjustments that are needed.  I have been staying out as late as I can after work to enjoy the natural daylight.  Already, I miss knitting by the lake so it will be a long winter till I can do that again perhaps come May.

Happy Knitting!