Sunday, November 7, 2010

Baby "J" Multi-Directional Cardigan #420

Pattern:  Baby "J" Multi-Directional Cardigan #420
Needles:  Size 6
Yarn:  Plymouth Dream Baby DK

This little baby sweater, in a beautiful raspberry colorway, was on display at my LYS.  Looking at the pattern, I never would have purchased it because it just did not do this sweater justice.  Very poor photography. 

It is also known as the "Compass" sweater as you eventually knit in every direction.  The neck band is knitted first, then the fronts (south). The back is knitted north on the imaginary compass, the right front is knitted to the west and the left is knitted to the east.

I love garter stitch and this multi-directional knitting keeps the interest alive.


The Back!

The cuff!

I love the cuff as baby's mom won't have to struggle to get those little, delicious fingers through the sleeve.  It also allows for baby's growth!

The sweater is aqua with flecks of blue and yellow.  The vote by my co-workers was that it was "girly" so I purchased girly buttons.  I really wanted the sweater to be unisex and would have purchased different buttons.

I still need to knit the hat and booties but that is not on my schedule till after the 1st of the year.

The "Dark and Stormy" sweater is almost finished.  Fronts, back and sleeves look great with the front band and collar awaiting me.  It has become to heavy to lug to work to knit on my lunch hour or carry in the car.

I have exciting news to share with you as soon as I finalize things.  It's been one of my goals for some time and I am very pleased.  Just a little "teaser"!!!

This time change kills me.  My body does not like the adjustments that are needed.  I have been staying out as late as I can after work to enjoy the natural daylight.  Already, I miss knitting by the lake so it will be a long winter till I can do that again perhaps come May.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I just love this little sweater. Can't wait to learn what your exciting news will be!

  2. You, tease, you.

    That is an adorable little sweater. Are the stitches picked up or did you have to seam the varied-directional pieces?

  3. Oh the sweater is adorable ! I also wonder how'd you do that ! I'm waiting and looking forward to your surprise.

  4. Oh, Joansie! That sweater is absolutely adorable! I love it! Where did you find the pattern????

    And what is your news? You tease! Just got back from Disneyland with a bunch of my family, including my GS the same age as Jakob! They are so cute at that age!

  5. You really out did yourself. This sweater is ADORABLE! Great photography. I love the aqua flecks in the yarn, so nice! Very interesting pattern.

  6. I love the sweater and would also like to know where to find the pattern. Is it on Ravelry? I applaud your actions regarding the little child, am sure glad the "father" didn't react violently. I don't often stop to think something like that might happen, either!

  7. That little sweater is so cute, love the color too. I like the dark and stormy sweater, but I would probably make it a bit longer, I really dont like the shorter sweaters, I always feel like I need to pull them down, like they've are riding up. :P

    I like the time change back, it won't be May, honest, they make that time change back again (much to my schagrin) in March now, so you will have more light in the evening again then. I'd prefer that later hr of sleep ;P.

  8. The sweater is beautiful, I agree with your co-workers even though it's blue it's girly. I think because it's light and the flecks? Cute buttons. With it being garter might be a pattern I'd like to try.'ve got me curious.

    I'm so relieved to be able to get into your blog this am. I've been very concerned about you. For several days as I made my blog rounds I would get a message that said I hadn't been invited to see your blog. I even posted about it, wondering if others were having trouble getting into your blog. Hoping there was nothing wrong and that you were ok. One of the other bloggers tried and got message that said this blog doesn't exist. So, I thought I'd try again this am, then was going to send you an email. in, all looks well. No clue what was going on.

    My recent trip to Mexico had lots of time changes. First they were an hour different than home, different time zone; then they fell behind making it 2, then we started our return to the US on the same day it fell behind. I was very confused about what time it was.


  9. Cute sweater. I believe that's a Cabin fever Pattern. Very talented ladies that live quite close to me. Can't wait to hear your news.

  10. I am finally getting to read my blogs. Hope this msg. gets to you. The baby sweater is absolutely gorgeous. Renate

  11. Beautiful, little sweater! I love knitting baby sweaters. I'm discouraged about adult sweaters right now, so maybe I need to knit another baby one until I get my mojo back:)

    Great story about you speaking up about the unattended child. It seems hopeless for some children, growing up with parents who haven't grown up themselves, but at least you tried.

  12. Me popping back in to say hi, hope you're doing well. Popped in to see what you're up to. Making my rounds today from Sandy's Space