Saturday, October 3, 2009

Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival

The Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival was moved from my town to Tunbridge, Vermont (home of the "World's Fair") which is about 1 1/2 hrs. away.  The "World's Fair" must be a joke.  I could be wrong but there must be 200 people in that town and not much of anything.  I had not planned on going but a couple days ago my friend,  Norma, asked if I wanted to go.  She wasn't really sure if she wanted to go either. 

Missed Clue #1 (that we should have turned around and gone home)- Weatherman said it would stop raining by noon......ha! Trust your gut feeling!!!

Missed Clue #2 - This was a sample of the mud we had when we arrived.  It was much worse by the time we left.  I was wearing clogs and the mud was sucking by heels as I tried to walk. 

Missed Clue #3 - More mud!!!!!  These people were ankle deep in the brown stuff by the time we left.

Missed Clue #4 - This was the sign beside the ladies room.  Norma kept moving closer to get a better picture.  "NO, NORMA!!!!"

Missed Clue #5 - This is getting weird!!!  The urinal behind the bush.  I didn't dare look.  Not sure if Norma did!!!!

Missed Clue #6 - What????  No dogs.....actually, there were sheep dogs.

We walked around the festival, purchased a little yarn, jewelry for Norma.  Now, we all know that when you go to a fiber festival, you touch and feel.  Norma wanted to show me a felted item and someone behind her screamed....."Lady, can't you read?"  "It says, do not touch."  "Are you an idiot?"

Well, the sign was curled over itself from the moisture from the rain.  The sign was nailed on the bench at waist height instead of eye level.  Norma wanted to go purchase a muffin and coffee and kill this lady with kindness.  After all, she was one of the festival workers.

We ran into quite a few blogger friends.  I finally was able to meet Mangofeet.  That's always so nice when that happens.  Ann Marie, Norma's friend, was there also. 

Missed Clue #7 - and this is the biggy!!!!...........

By this time Norma and I had been standing in line for a lamburger for 20 minutes.  It was "build an ark raining".  What you can't see in the picture is that Norma's umbrella was leaking like a sieve.  Our shoes were full of mud, the bottom of our jeans were soaked from walking through puddles.  So......after 20 minutes of waiting we decided that we would be better off in a nice warm restaurant as there were no places to eat under cover.  We prayed that the car would not be stuck in the muddy field.

We really did have a lot of laughter and fun in spite of being soaked. 

Are we going next year?  I think not, unless they move it back to the fairgrounds in Essex Junction.

Happy Knitting!


  1. What an adventure. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  2. Wow, that's plenty of muck! Rain or not, Norma looks fabulous as always in all her gorgeous handknits.
    Hope you had a terrific, warm and dry time in the restaurant. :)

  3. Joansie, What a messy good time you had ( from the sound of it )
    Are you going to post what you bought ?
    Well its sounds,looks,like you went through a lot of trouble to find what ever you brought home ..

  4. It was lovely meeting you! We left right before the deluge but the "do not touch" on a FELTED item..... how bizarre!

  5. Oh dear! Well, the worse it is at the time, the better story it makes later, right? You did a great job with your presentation - made it seem like an adventure (gone wrong). I would not have had a sense of humor about it yet! lol

  6. I was in front of you in line for the lamb burger. I'm sorry you had a negative experience. I had a blast even without my brolly!

  7. I envy your trip. I miss weather. It was bright, sunny and 90something here yesterday. As it has been for weeks and will be for weeks more....

  8. Nothing worse than mud and a chilling rain. I felt chilled as I read this!!

  9. Oh my, what a trip. Always trust your instincts. I hate rainy weather & I hate mud even more. I'm glad that you had Norma with you. I've been reading her blog for awhile, she has such wit about her.

    Look but do not touch at a fiber festival? How ridiculous. That's like going to a book store with a sign that says Do Not Read Without Buying. The weather may have been lousy, but at least the smiles & friendships were warm.

  10. OH, NO! That does not look like a fun time. I hope you at least got some good deals.

    I was trying to decide between VT, Maine's Fair in Fyeburg, and the Deerfield fair here in NH for yesterday, but when I woke up and saw the weather I decided to stay in and watch movies. Looks like I made a good choice!

  11. Hilarious reading, but then I wasn't there. Isn't the idea of a fiber festival to fondle "schtuff"? Thanks for a giggle. Renate

  12. Too funny- I'm in your second picture from the top. My sister is in the red coat with the satchel and I'm in the green coat.

    Yeah, the weather was sucky and I totally got rained on but overall I had a really good time. I hope the Festival stays in Tunbridge.