Sunday, October 4, 2009

Yarn Purchases

Several people wanted to see pictures of my purchases from yesterday while I was at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.

Dye Dreams was one of the vendors that caught my eye.  They had many beautiful patterns and yarn.  They had clear plastic tote bags where you selected the pattern and then the yarn on the idea of "Make Your Own Kit".  Fun....lots of fun!!!

Here's a closer look at the yarn.  I'll be knitting the cable mitts shown in the first picture.

Ball and Skein, a Vermont vendor, had absolutely gorgeous yarn.  The skein pictured above is 60% seacel/40% silk.  It's a beautiful ocean blue/green.  There's 600 yds. in the skein, not enough for a shawl, but I'm sure I'll find a pattern I like.  I only purchased the one skein because it was so expensive. 

Before leaving for the festival I had a $$$ amount in my head that I was willing to spend.  I only went over by $3 so I was pleased.

On a different note, I am totally excited about becoming a volunteer for "Everybody Wins-Vermont".  I will be matched with a grade school student for lunch and we will be reading together for pleasure or playing educational games.  The program is designed to boost the child's self-esteem,  promote self-confidence and form a friendship.  Years ago I worked full-time as a teacher's aide with 4th, 5th & 6th grade students, helping with english, math and spelling, and I absolutely loved it.

I am so fortunate that my boss is allowing me to adjust my work hours in order to volunteer. 

We also had staff appreciation day a couple of weeks ago.  The entire university staff was invited to a catered picnic on the green.  The university president was there the greet us as we arrived. 

The food was great, the weather was fantastic, and again this year it was announced that we were being given the week between Christmas and New Years off with pay.  We all cheered.  This is the 4th year that the university gifts us with the much-appreciated time off. 

Combined with the holidays it means almost two weeks off.

Happy Knitting!


  1. What a great thing you are doing with "everybody Wins" Sounds like it will be a wonderful experience for you and the child you are paired with.

    Good news about the week off with pay, too!

  2. Sounds like good things have come your way! I'm glad. I think the everybody wins thing is a wonderful thing! I'm glad your boss is working with you on this!

  3. The sample shawl was knitted with one skein and a lot left over. I'm sure you'll find a pattern you like. Thanks again.

  4. So beautiful. Glad you went and had such a good time despite the rain and muck. I really love the yarn, but that purple bag in the first picture really has grabbed my heart!

    How old is your reading buddy? It would be fun to pick out books to read together. I love to read out loud.

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  6. Beautiful Yarn, looking forward to seeing what you make with it.

  7. Only $3? I am very impressed. I love the idea of making your own kit and love the yarn.


  8. What great purchases! So walking around in the rain & the muck wasn't without some pleasure to take home. I love the idea of make your own kit & I love the idea of the see-through bag. I know at a glance what knitting project you have to take on the go.

    I think that you'll make a great teaching buddy. When my kids were in the primary grades, I used to volunteer. It was fun.

  9. What a nice addition to your stash. I have a couple of lace scarve patterns that would be just the thing for the yarn and you could knit till you run out. Let me know if you are interested. It's good to hear that you'll have off between Christmas and New Year. Smart employer. Nothing much gets done anyway during that week and on top of that the good will of employees. Can't go wrong with that combination. Continue to have fun. Renate

  10. Your new yarn is gorgeous! I hope you enjoy every moment of knitting and wearing it. :) At least some good came out of that watery disaster, lol. And congratulations on your new volunteer position. Working with students is so rewarding; I really miss it! And of course, I'm very happy about your extra vacation time. Will you go somewhere, or enjoy a peaceful week at home?

  11. *WITH* pay. Cool! Hey, our Governator out here needs to hear from your Univ. pres....

    Very cool that you get to volunteer like that. My mom's doing that, she's on her second year with the same child, and they both love love love it.

    I know from my own child's experience that that one-on-one time with an adult at school can make the difference between failing and totally succeeding--my kid just needed to know that someone at the school actually cared--and that changed everything.

  12. I can't decide which yarn I like best. They are gorgeous !
    Glad for you to be able to do something you like and enjoy.
    Gotta run.

  13. Why not knit a shrug? There are lots of beautiful lacey ones that would look beautiful in that yarn :). It's a great thing to work with kids to help them and give them a boost with their self esteem :). I loved working at the local community college because we got about 2 weeks off at Christmas paid too, what a wonderful break it was. :)

    It looks like even tho there were many minus' at the Fiber Festival, you came back with some great yarn and a pattern you love. :)

  14. The blue green is yummy. I can feel it from here. lol

    Visiting all Bridge Team members this am.