Thursday, October 29, 2009

Size Matters

It's the pumpkin size!!!  Yes....the pumpkin size!!!!  What did you think I was going to say!!!  "Size Really Does Matter"  Check out the link.  You'll be amazed!  When I grew pumpkins years ago, I used to inject the vine with milk as it grew to encourage growth.

Twelve of these babies were lowered in the water for the "2nd Burlington Annual Pumpkin Race".  A forklift was used and it took quite awhile.

You couldn't be overweight to sit in these chairs!!!

This guy, wearing his life vest, was anticipating winning the race as Obama did his!!!  (His team won in the end!!)

People getting in the spirit on this beautiful, warm autumn day!

Nice to be young!!!  You can dress up like this and noone thinks you're weird!!

The guy pictured above was a little overconfident........see below!!!

It's wet!!!

This little girl with her hand-crocheted pumpkin hat was trying to figure out what this was all about!!!

Three local weathermen participated in the race.  Of course, they ordered perfect weather.

It was really fun!!!  I was fortunate to have a great spot to take pictures.  I was on the dock and managed not to fall into "the drink" what with everyone trying to get a great viewing spot.  Several thousand people lined up along the shore of Lake Champlain.


  1. Oh, I think she's plenty weird. I also think y'all have some fun over there in Vermont.

  2. Oh, what fun. I saw something about the Pumpkin race on TV. Renate

  3. What a fun post! Thanks for sharing.

  4. And they say everything's bigger in Texas...I think y'all got us beat with those pumpkins! :)

  5. Looks like a lot of fun! Glad you had such a nice day for it, too.

  6. looks like a good time was had by all!

  7. Ah Joansie , I see you have been busy while I was away. Love the Hand warmers and the colors.
    Loved the out door pictures and pumpkins were huge things... bet you had lots of fun.

  8. they float in the water in pumpkins? Really? LOL

  9. What a fun day. Cool pictures. The first pumpkin doesn't look very orange, wonder why? Maybe the guy I saw in the red pick up was bringing the big pumpkin to your festivities?

    Cute pumpkin hat, but the little one doesn't look like she was having a happy day.

    Feeling a bit better, just really weak and tired; thanks.

  10. LOL, that looks like it was so much fun!!! I love stuff like that. If you inject the pumpkin vine with milk, does it still taste good for pumpkin pies and other pumpkin dishes?