Sunday, October 17, 2010

Journey Wheel or Bostworth Charka Wheel

I never heard of this spinning wheel till today.  But, friends, I do not know much about spinning. 

This is the Bosworth Charka Wheel by Jonathan Bloomenthal.  See links at end of post.  I'll tell you more about my friend later in the post and how this all came about.
My friend Leah is preparing to spin.

 In the above picture, Leah is turning the wheel and spinning.

 In this picture, she is packing up the wheel.  Notice how the fiber is tucked in.

Here is Leah with her wheel, all folded up.  This gives you an idea of how small it is.  Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures but I only had my cell phone with me.

Journey Wheel for more information on purchasing and pricing.

Bosworth Charka Demo ... click for a YouTube demo on how this wheel operates.  Pretty informative!

This is how the day developed.....I was at a store that sells quality yarn amongst a gazillion other very interesting things.  I ran into Leah and instantly we knew we knew each other but from where?  Our paths have crossed before at a knitting group and at the farmer's market and it was one of those things where while exchanging phone numbers we say..."Call me!" and life gets in the way and we never do.  So, today, we stopped and "smelled the roses" and went and had coffee together. 

Leah gave me a demo of her gorgeous wheel right there in the crowded parking lot on the hood of the car.  Fun, fun, fun!!!

I was so energized after spending time with Leah and exchanging craft ideas that I am ready to tackle the horrendous amount of housework waiting for me before I knit more on my "Dark and Stormy" sweater.  I had planned on showing you a progress photo today but more on that later.

I haven't posted much in the last couple of weeks.  I've been too busy having fun with my fiber friends.  Those ladies in my current knitting class are an absolute hoot!!!!  Class sold out and this Tuesday is the last class (boohoo!)

Happy Knitting!


  1. I was wondering what happened to you as you usually post more often. You were having fun---that's a good excuse.

    What an interesting spinning wheel. This would be great for those who don't have the room for the traditional ones.

    I'm going to do my housework right after posting this. (or at least some of it).

  2. The charka or the peace wheel was invented by Ghandi who believed that if everyone spun an ounce of cotton a day, the world would be a better place. This tidbit from Angie who says hello. Renate

  3. Don't you just love those seemingly chance encounters that end up being a fulfilling experience and a newfound friend!

    I'm fascinated by that spinning thing (wheel?). Learning to spin is on my 'determined to do someday' list. I took a local 1-day class a few years ago, and it totally didn't 'take'. Being very much a visual learner, I need to see things to learn them, but with spinning, there's a 'feel' involved as well, and I never felt it. I don't think my teacher was very good, either. He was an excellent spinner, but not that talkative.

    Is that machine any easier than spinning on a traditional wheel, or about the same?

    PS-I've missed your posts lately, but am glad to hear your absence is because of a good kind of busy. Awesome about your sellout classes!

  4. What a great spinning wheel - a travelling wheel. One a person could use while riding in the car. Leah has a gorgeous smile.

  5. A portable spinning wheel. How neat! But, I better not get started on one more hobby/project. LOL! Love how those chance encounters work out.

  6. Wow! That spinning wheel is amazing! I have been hearing very good things about your current class...please consider teaching it again. Pretty please??? Sara

  7. So there's yet another "charka" - the spinning charka. Is that above or below the crown charka ;-) Sorry, couldn't resist. Glad you're having fun with your classes.

  8. I always thought spinning wheels are almost a meter tall