Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Staying In Touch

Just staying in touch. Not much knitting on the home front. I do have a couple things almost done but have not taken pictures yet. None of my projects seem to excite me lately.

Not sure why these pictures are coming out so small but here goes anyway.

I had a birthday on August 22nd so I bought myself a new digital SLR camera. It was tax free day also. I love my new camera.

So after reading the manual and waiting a couple of days for the weather to clear up, my new love (the camera) and I took a little trip to Maine.

Dont' you just love all those colorful Adirondack chairs lined up next to each other!

I took a scenic route I was not familiar with and came across this sign. Notice that "chocolate" is on the list for directions. A lighthouse and chocolate...what more could a girl want.

One of my very favorite places...."Nubble Light" in York, Maine.

I love seeing all the dingys lined up next to each other. Vacant of ocean farers, it means that they are out having fun. I've named this photo, "Team Work".

Life continues to be immensely difficult and thus the lack of blogging. I do read your blogs though I may not always have the time to comment. I'm hoping that things will calm down and get boring.


  1. Joansie, the photos are just stunning! Looks like you can reach right into them and touch the subjects. I'm glad to see you check in. Sorry things are still stressful for you!

  2. A belated Happy Birthday to you. You bought yourself quite a nice gift.

    You took some beautiful pics. I love the sign also, but I noticed the "lobsta" first, then the chocolate.

  3. Glad to hear from you. Hoping things get better soon. I love my new happy pills.... Made an enourmous difference in my life.

  4. Great to see you back! Great photos! I like my point & shoot digital camera. I wouldn't know what to do with something that has all kinds of bells & whistles on it. I love the photo of all the chairs lined up and the lighthouse, they're so peaceful looking.

  5. Joansie, I've missed you! I hope things in your life settle down. Happy B-lated birthday! That is my late fathers birthday,also.
    Your photos are fab! Such scenic beauty around you! Your so blessed! Have fun with your camera, can't wait to see your fabulous knitting projects with the new camera!

  6. Oh, what LOVELY photos with your new prezzie. LOVE those Adirondack chairs!

  7. Those photos are beautiful. You have a good eye. Happy belated birthday and you deserved the camera. Renate

  8. Joansie, welcome back. Sorry you have the blah's ( could the b-day have anything to do with it ) . Happy belated Birthday To Joansie.mine was the 4th so we both are summer babies.
    Looks like you got a good camera there. Love the pictures . Course I love light houses although I have never seen one in realty..

  9. It's me again Lord ( a saying in my neck of the woods )
    I don't seem to have any interest for knitting lately either and I have a pattern coming to test for someone.I need to get some help with knitting ,yo 2x and the next row working them . I mess up with more than one yo.. I am a visual learner I think.
    Don't read charts either.
    My daughter is gone to Tenn and wanted me to go and I opted out and now I wish I had went.
    I am lonesome ..It doesn't help when they keep calling me saying. we all miss you.. Even my son in law. Now who ever heard of a son in law missing his mother in law.. Geez..

  10. Those are great pictures, you missed your calling, you would be a great magazine photographer!!!! It is great to hear from you, we all get in slumps with our knitting, just take a break, the passion will return when you are ready. :)

  11. Love the photos and glad you're blogging again- I took most of the summer off also since I haven't been sewing, let alone quilting...sigh
    Canning and jelly making have taken over my last few weeks of summer.