Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Two L's.....Lobster and Lighthouses

Buying a lobster roll in Maine will cost you about $10-$12.  Not sure how much they are at McDonald's but I wouldn't be caught dead buying one there.  The lobster probably is not from Maine and I am a snob when it comes to lobster and there!!!

Cousin Willie purchased 1/2 lb. of "Lazy Man's Lobster" (already out of the shell) which sells for $40/lb. (I've seen it for as much as $45/lb....ouch either way!)

I chopped it up fine.....

along with the celery, onion and added a little salt, pepper (prefer white pepper) and mayonnaise.  Sorry, Willie, this would not have been my choice of mayonnaise but it was fine.  Off brands of mayo can sometimes be like margarine and butter.  Com'On!!!!  Cholestorol city or not, give me the real thing.......BUTTER!!! to go with my lobster.

1/2 lb. of lobster meat will yield three very large lobster rolls...much larger than purchased ones.  So.............we packed a picnic lunch and headed to

where I could enjoy the fruits of my labor!!!

notice the ocean in the background.  Wish you could smell the salt air....sorry!

You can't see all the stairs that I climbed with my bad leg but I sure paid the price the following day!  It was worth it!  The view was fantastic.

Who needs a GPS system with signs like this one!

I did manage to squeeze in a little knitting on Easter morning!
And the star of the weekend was little Kaileigh!  She is 23 months old and a little chatterbox.  She's quite a few branches away from me on the genealogy tree but much closer in heart.

Happy Knitting ...Happy whatever your day brings!


  1. McDonald's sells lobster rolls?!

    Lovely photos and adorable baby.


  2. Mmm, a homemade lobster roll picnic by the ocean with the cool salty air sounds like heaven! :)

  3. What a glorious day for you! I can't imagine anything better...

  4. What a beautiful little girl! Your Maine pics are really drawing me in. Hubby wants our next vacation (whenever that might be...) to be northern California to visit friends. But we just saw them for a week in Tennessee back in I'm going to lobby for Maine!!! Don't think I'll have to lobby too hard...he was there after his freshman year in college and has always wanted to come back. :-)

  5. We did have a great time...great pics and great seafood...looking foward to us doing it again...need a boat ride next time...(out of Bath)

  6. OooH, makes me want to come back home to Maine again. Maybe I can get there in the next few months. I really need a visit with my family!

  7. Great almost makes me want to try lobster....not. I like shrimp & sometimes tuna salad, but other than that I'm not a real big fan of sea food. You looked liked you were really enjoying yourself...and yes, I could smell the salty air.

    Kaileigh is such a doll!