Saturday, April 10, 2010

Help!!! Calling All Pet Lovers!

I have till Tuesday to make up my mind.  I've narrowed things down to three kitties and here is where I am having difficulty deciding.

I went to my local Humane Society.  It is the "Hilton" of shelters.  Beautiful, clean, spacious, unbelievably nice.  There are hand-knitted, crocheted and quilted blankets with their beds.  I was there while they were delivering a cartfull of clean "linen". Lots of interesting toys and beds.  I was quite impressed.

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of all three kitties:

1.  Ompah - the minute I walked in I didn't see him as I walked by and he "called" to me and talked and purred.  Not the kind of cat appearance-wise I was looking for but he won my heart.  When returned to his cage, everytime I looked at another cat, he was extremely vocal and wanted to be #1. 

2.  Skywalker - is known to be extremely affectionate but was busy exploring when I had him in a room to myself.  Beautiful cat.  Eventually warmed up to me.  He is the Humane Society's favorite of the group. 

But here is where the problem is:

I went to another humane society.  I was appalled.  Cats, cats, cats, everywhere.  It appeared that there were not enough cages so there were cats up high, down low, running around.  The place appeared out of control.  Pretty clean considering how many animals but still not the greatest.  No kidding, as I walked by the cages, all the cats were reaching out with their paws through the bars to get my attention.  It was like they really wanted out of there.  It broke my heart.  How do you decide among so many friendly cats.

Jillian - is the most beautiful cat I've ever seen, extremely friendly and one of those reaching out to me at that shelter.  If she had been at the first shelter, she would have moved to the top choice.

Though I am assured that Jillian has been checked by a vet, and that I will get a free vet visit with the adoption, I'm not sure that they are being legitimate with their information.

So, do I rescue one of these unfortunate animals or go with the humane society closer to home and adopt Ompah who loved me right away.

Isn't this silly!!!!  If I could, I'd bring all three home.

So how many of my readers are animal lovers?  I look forward to your comments.


  1. I always went with the one I thought was least adoptable-like Moose blind in one eye vs kittens. He was the only one I adopted- allthe rest were strays that adopted us....DD's cat, Cyd had to be put down last month- cancer :( but we had 11 of 16 years and she reined queen here- the attitudes of the 2 left Nancy and Moose is amazing- theyre in charge now and run around-I always go for the underdog- but I've found females more loving

  2. I'd probably go with the underdog too although going with your gut sounds good too. The only thing I might think about is that male cats, even neutered ones, can be "markers."

  3. I am fellow animal lover. Unfortunately you can't save them all. When you find the right cat, in amongst so many, it'll be the cat you won't feel torn between chosing over others, he/she in your heart will be just right.

  4. They all need homes so you can't make a bad choice. Go with the one that tugs at your heart and feels like it should be a part of your family.

  5. One dog, two cats..... Cats are good people....
    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read....

  6. Personally I would probably pick Jillian because of her circumstances, but that is just me. Is it a no kill shelter? Is the other one a no kill shelter? If they give you a free vet visit, then you can't go wrong. They will check for major issues and other feline related issues. You should only be required to supply her food and love (and anual vet check ups :). When I choose my ferrets, I chose the one that is lest likely to find a good home because of problems (my current ferret Thor, is deaf). All they really want is to be fed and loved.

  7. I can't tell you which cat to adopt, but the last one we got from the shelter, was orange with it's hair standing up as if he had put his tail into a light socket. He was only weeks old and was hiding in a wee teepee. He was so tiny that he slept with us until he got to be more independent. He grew up to be a Maine Coon mix that weighs almost thirty pounds and is a lover although he doesn't purr like the Siamese, but that's because Maine Coons apparently don't have a very big purr box. Good luck, and remember only one cat, only one cat, only one cat. Renate

  8. I once had three cats, and it was a daily delight of mayhem which I'd highly recommend to anyone. Sadly, the last of the three died a year ago, and I've sworn off cats for a little while to focus all my love and attention on my dog. He's in his senior years now, too, and I want to cherish every belly-rubbing second I have left with him.