Monday, April 12, 2010

The Secret Is In The Sauce!!!

Regarding blogs and comments from my post of a few days ago.  Notice my new button on the right. 

It's in support of bloggers, readers and commenters.  Interesting stuff!!!! 

Do let me know what you think after you've roamed around the site a bit.

Happy Knitting!!!! usual.


  1. Thanks for the Blogger "heads-up." It seems like all of these companies end up "upgrading" us at our expense. iTunes did something like that a while back. You upgraded and then could no longer edit songs as well. I can't remember exactly what it was, but I felt dooped.

  2. Very cool! Just signed up for SITS. And thanks for the heads up on Blogger. Will revert back to the old one.

  3. Hi! I saw you on the Ultimate Blog Party and was stopping in. I am a knitting newbie (**coughs notverygoodatall**) but I try. I LOVE your socks! I could really go for smelling some sea air (we're in north central Texas) so I'll have to do it through you ;)