Sunday, May 2, 2010

Susie's Reading Mitts

Pattern:  "Susie's Reading Mitts"  (click for free Pattern from designer)
Yarn:  Debbie Bliss Donnagal Luxury Tweed 85% Wool/15% Angora
Needles:  Size 5 dps

I'm not sure how I feel about these mitts, especially the pink ribbon which may eventually be removed.  The colorway for this line is beautiful but I didn't especially enjoy the feel of the yarn.  For the price, I would not buy this yarn again. 

Perhaps I didn't buy enough yarn, or I just misplaced the 2nd ball, but I found myself with one completed mitt and no more yarn so I had to wait for my daughter to send me another ball as it was purchased at her LYS.
The cuff is so long, perhaps a little too much, that it can be folded up and pinned down and will still look very nice.

This ribbon reminds me of the strips of "candy dots" on paper that you could buy as a child.  Anyone remember those or is this another one of those generational things?

I have several other projects almost completed that I have not even mentioned such as the "Swallowtail Shawl", hat/scarf set for the "Head Start" kids' charity and more. 

In the last few days, after a startling amount of snow, everything has melted and we seem to suddenly have a volcanic burst of blooms on the ground and on some of our trees.  I'm resisting turning on the AC as it is 84 degrees F today.

I start my next round of classes, through my local Recreational Dept., this Tuesday.  By request, I will be teaching the Quincy hat by Jared Flood.  Once those classes are completed, the Delicato Mitts will be next. 

I have several new and exciting classes planned for this fall.  I'm trying to introduce new ideas, etc.  I have several students who have taken as many as five classes with me.  It's always a lot of fun especially with women I already know.

I have to recreate the button on my sidebar linking this blog to my "classes" blog.  I lost it when I tried to "rejuvenate" my blog.  Don't you just love "Blogger" some days!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hello Joansie, Been a while but I am checking on some old friends. glad to see you are still a busy Lady. loved the lobster( I've only eaten it a few times )salad ??? Hope to be back some in the future

  2. I wonder if local knitters know how blessed they are to have someone like you around to teach classes? Everytime I read about a class you're going to be teaching, I get so envious.

    Though I'd probably not wear those mitts with the ribbon in them, I do think the yarn is especially pretty to look at...however, we all know, how a yarn 'feels' counts for a lot!

    I do remember those candy dots on paper. Guess we're telling our age. ;-)

  3. I think it turned out really cute. Definately something those middle school kids would love. :) I too remember those candy dots!!! I have a question, I might have asked before, but I haven't figured out a good filing system for my brain and it forgets where it puts things it was told :P. You made a really cute hat (last year for the head start project?) that had the crocheted curly things on it. I didn't remember where you found the pattern for the hat (not the curly things - tho I would add them too :P). It looked like such a nice basic hat pattern.

  4. Although I like the bit of pink, he pink ribbon would be a bit much for me too, but I wonder how it would go with teens? Could you just knit a row or 2 of pink into it or a few rows of pink with a small pattern in it such as a slip stitch pattern, so the gray would show through or visa versa. Love the photo composition on the top of your blog.

  5. Well, the yarn *looks* really good. Is it stiff or scratchy?
    I remember those candy dots. They tasted more like paper than candy, but were fun to eat.

  6. I know you must have so much fun teaching all these classes. What a great opportunity you have to do this. And you are so talented!

  7. There is a great little tatting kit you can get at Hobby Lobby and probably at Michael's that has a DVD with all the supplies to start tatting. My friend learned in one day how to tat from it! it's put out by Handy Hands--if you can't find it at those stores, you can always order it from Handy Hands on line. Wish I could teach you, too, and meet you in person!

  8. So nice that your talent is not wasted. I'd love to be in one of your classes. The gloves and photos are lovely !!!

  9. I love tweed. These are a magnific mittens. Your photos are delicious... Pleasant for my eyes!

  10. I'm looking forward to seeing your Swallowtail Shawl. It's on my "soon to make" list.

    I like the mitts with the pink ribbon, though I probably would remove it for actual wear. And yes...I remember candy dots...(does that make me officially old??) ;-)

  11. these mittens are beautiful, i need to put in an order for this winter =) so neat that you teach classes too!!

  12. My kids still eat the candy dots. The reading mitts look great. I'm sort of undecided about the ribbon. It's an interesting contrast.

    I have yet to try a Debbie Bliss pattern. I've heard mixed reviews.

  13. I made a cabled sweater with this yarn and it is pretty soft and very cuddly. Perhaps this yarn it needs to be knit on a larger needle so it has more "give".