Monday, August 25, 2008

Remember the sweater I blogged about shown below? Click this link for more info. Scroll and keep reading for a much nicer picture.

Someone asked to see a picture of the baby wearing the sweater. Well, here she is...Gracie Mae. She is my daughter, Amy's, godchild. She was born Easter Sunday.
Here's another pic of her in her Christening dress that her grandma made for her. The event was early July.
This picture is just too precious not to include in my post.
I have returned from Rhode Island. Amy's carpal tunnel surgery was successful and I had a grand time celebrating my birthday. Much more on that in the next post. I'm waiting for pictures from my daughter.

I've been very busy knitting and have lots to show you in the next few days. It's feast of famine with my knitting and blogging.

Happy Knitting!


  1. Happy birthday, and what a beautiful baby and a beautiful sweater for her. Well done!

  2. I'm glad you had a good birthday wiht family. Next year I will get to spend my birthday with family :). The baby is beautiful and that sweater adn hat are to die for!!! Your great job on it really shows and makes that sweet baby look even cuter!! :) Glad you are back, missed you.

  3. A belated Happy Birthday to you! I was so distracted by Liat's birthday that I forgot to send you YOUR good wishes! I'm glad Amy is doing well and that you had a good visit.

    The sweater is gorgeous and the baby adorable. Can't wait to see what you're working on now. Right now Avi and I are working; I didn't knit at all yesterday! :(

  4. Fabulous and darling pictures! She's adorable, the sweater is sooooooo sweet, glad to see it on her, the blanket behind her is also very pretty, is that one from your hands?

    Glad the surgery and your birthday celebration went well, will check back for more updates and pics.


  5. How adorable!

    Many happy returns of the day!

    Glad Amy's surgery went well.

    Lots of good news!

  6. Welcome back and Happy Birthday! What a beautiful baby. The sweater is just perfect for her!

  7. happy belated birthday
    the baby pics are adorable