Sunday, August 10, 2008

Feather and Fan Socks

Free Pattern: Feather and Fan Socks (<--click)
Yarn: Classic Elite - I've lost the ball band but there is some angora.
Needle Size: 2 - Magic Loop Method
I'm trying to destash. This Classic Elite yarn is wonderful to knit with. There is angora content which makes it very soft. I looked a long time for this pattern as I wanted one without the traditiona K1,P1 cuff.
A close up.............notice the twist in the yarn cake. It's not as tight as I would like it to be so I hope these socks will wear well.

I'm down to picking up the stitches on the second Diamondy Socks (see two posts back). They are probably my favorite socks thus far because of their simplicity and beautiful design. I'm trying to have several knitting projects at various stages as my eyes are too tired in the evening for "fine" work.

What do you think is a proper amount of time for someone to respond to a hand-knitted gift?

I'm off to click those knitting needles. It maintains my sanity during a very, very rainy summer. Guess I have to be grateful that it isn't snow.

Happy Knitting!


  1. From speechless and thrilled and, oh, to about five seconds, I'd say. Beautiful socks!

  2. What a pretty pattern for the yarn. I have some of that and its called Alpaca Sox. A SWAP partner bought for form Webs.

  3. oh! alpaca sox is luscious!
    shoot, you should have a thank you card and a bunch of flowers hand-delivered by a hot young man!

  4. I love the feather and fan pattern; one is my event for the SockPUT in Ravelympics.

  5. Beautiful sock! You & Lizzie are such an inspiration!

    Acknowledgment of a knitted or any other gift...immediately...if not sooner. A week is reasonable, but no longer than a month.

    My kids aren't allowed to spend birthday or Christmas money or wear new item until thank you card has been sent.

  6. Beautiful color and pattern for those socks. Well, in my opinion, any person with good manners would respond within a few days of receiving the gift with a call and a written thank you. But I've noticed that a lot of the younger people were not taught good manners as they grew up and so I'm not sure weather to blame them for not thinking about it, or their parents for not teaching them better.

  7. i didn't know you follow knitterman too!

  8. Very pretty socks! You can send that rain my way. We could really use it. Now the snow, don't need any of that here. LOL!

  9. Very nice pattern - I love feather and fan.

    One to two months in my book is expected, for a response after a gift. But then, I deal with a different generation. Many have not been taught the ins and outs of "thank yous".

  10. i had two more thoughts: you could be really crass and send a thank you note to her/him thanking him/her for the very nice thank you note and gift they sent YOU in return! or you could just let it go....

    this is why i no longer give handspun gifts to people except for my partner who KNOWS HOW to appreciate it! lol.