Sunday, August 3, 2008

Making a Giant Accountable

I'm an avid Elton John fan!!! He had a concert in Vermont on July 21st. Ben & Jerry's launched a limited Elton John ice cream flavor to honor the artist's first Vermont show and raise money for the Elton John AIDS Foundation. The Vermont performance marked Elton John concerts in all 50 states and we Vermonters like to believe he saved the best for last.

I saw Elton John years ago in Montreal. It was an absolutely fantastic conert and I was disappointed that I could not afford to go this time. I could hear him from my home so I had to be happy with that. I was upset with myself that I spent money on those dang, stupid bridge lessons instead. I traded one great night of enjoyment for 10 lessons of endurement with pushy people. (sigh!)
I decided to make the best of it and drove to one of Ben 'N Jerry's ice cream scoop shops on Tuesday to buy the Ben 'N Jerry's (<--- click to see statement) "Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road" ice cream where the profits were going to benefit the Elton John Foundation for HIV research. There was none of the limited edition ice cream to be had anywhere, and nothing visible or audible that Ben 'N Jerry's had promised would be in their shops such as posters, music, etc. So what did I do to spite my ice cream hungry face? I walked out without buying any ice cream at all. First time I've ever turned away from chocolate cookie dough ice cream.

How could Ben 'N Jerry's run out of ice cream so fast? They ran out on the 21st. They advertized the ice cream would be available through the 25th. They knew it would be a hit so why not plan accordingly? Why did they give away free ice cream at the concert instead of raising even more money for the foundation? Smart advertising on their part. They get all the publicity, produce a very limited amount of ice cream thus limiting the amount donated to the foundation.

Ok, I know no one with Aids. I'm heterosexual with a few gay friends but I believe this foundation to be very important.

I contacted the local news anchor after viewing news of the event. They responded and said that they were taking the ice cream manufaturer to task for a number of promises not quite delivered. Unbeknownst to me, they forwarded my e-mail to Ben 'N Jerry's who in turn contacted me.

I was told they raised $10,000..but just imagine how much more they could have donated if the ice cream had been available for at least a couple more days. I encouraged them to not send this ice cream flavor to their graveyard, revive it and continue the relationship with the Elton John Foundation. (Yes, there actually is a flavor graveyard with tombstones, etc. on the Ben 'N Jerry's property.)

No further commitment from the ice cream giant and this is what I received in the mail....whohooooo!!!! It is good for ONE FREE PINT of ice cream. Don't let the picture on the coupon mislead you there also.

As a side note...............President George W. Bush has not visited Vermont in all of the eight years of his presidency. NOT ONCE!!! Is he also saving the best for last? Presdient are running out of time. We are part of the United States and not Quebec (duh!). Could it be that you have not visited because one of our towns voted in Articles of Impeachment against you?


  1. What a bummer about the ice cream.
    They had a great idea. Too bad they didn't make more of it.

  2. It's all about the almighty buck- Band J used to be a big supporter of Life is Good festivals - till LIG got big. Start an internet campain to bring it back- maybe if B and J got a ton of emails it would help. So where are we writing???
    I like Cherry Garcia lite myself :p that Dave Matthews one is nasty.

  3. hmph. poo on that ice cream! it's not a vermont company any more anywho.
    sorry you had to go without! i was wondering what it tasted like.

    let us know what happens in the ice cream caper!

  4. Did you notice one of those cartons pictured on the coupon says Half Baked? Either someone there had a sense of humor, or...?

    (Okay, picture this: I just went in the other room and said to the hubby, what's the word I'm searching for when the universe deals you what you got coming? Comeuppance doesn't quite fit what I'm looking for.

    His response, not knowing anything of the context of the question, was, "Just desserts?")

  5. I love EJ, too. Too bad about the ice cream and great luck on the coupon.

  6. What a bummer! How frustrating to have to miss the concert, and then not even get the ice cream. :(

  7. I would be happy to not have gw visit. His visits are very costly and we Ohioans have to foot the bill which really makes me made. I agree it's very short sighted of Ben N Jerry's and I hope they get some negative publicity out of it.

    Had a co worker die years ago from aids and it's a very sad and was painful.


  8. Hey another Joan in VT! Who was here first? ;-p
    Come join the Knit Vermont webring. Link at my blog's sidebar.

    I eat soy ice cream these days (no dairy) but B&J is a Brit co now, I think. Pfft on them.