Saturday, August 16, 2008

5th Wheel Spinners

Where do I begin? It was such a wonderful day with these very friendly and talented women who belong to the 5th Wheel Spinners Guild out of the Middlebury, VT area. Please read on even if you are not a spinner and see the view I had today.

These are just a few of the women. There were more behind me. They were absolutely inspiring. But first.....

Today's event was held at one of the spinner's B&B (bed and breakfast). I used to live in Addison County and it is truly beautiful.....mountainous and beautiful. I now live about an hour away. The sign gives you an indication of how steep and treacherous the roads can be in the wintertime.

This was the view from the porch. (The ladies were having a pot-luck lunch.) Can you see the pond? I wish you could smell the wonderful clean and crisp air. traffic noises. You hear the sounds of the birds and can truly enjoy the serenity of the area.
A closer look at the pond! A yellow and inviting kayak on the left.
Breathtaking views!!! The cost of living is very high in Vermont but the quality of life can't be beat!
I am so fortunate. All of this came about when I met "Sue" at the doctor's office when I needed emergency eye surgery. Hmm....a positive definitely outweighed a negative. :>)
This group meets once a month in someone's home all around the State of Vermont. There are no dues. The guild meets one evening a month and the dues are $7.50 yr. Can you believe how little $$$. They have loaner wheels to encourage someone who might be interested but is not sure if she/he wants to make the investment. They also have guest speakers. October will be needle felting. June is usually yarn dyeing. Whatever is scheduled on the other months, I'm sure will be interesting.
I'm way behind in posting. I have several progress pics and a completed project to blog about.
How ironic that the hostess, who I met for the first time today, grew up in the same town in R.I. where my daughter now lives and her daughter-in-law's maiden name is the same as my daughter's married name. Related??? Not sure as there are two very large families in town with the same last name who are not related.
Happy Knitting!


  1. What a beautiful day that you had! Your photos are breath-taking....I felt like I could reach out & touch everything!

    I'll definitely have to visit VT or RI soon!

  2. Had to laugh at the sign: bus in the plural with two s's means a kiss. No public displays of affection allowed there!

  3. what great pics! such fun!

    just want to offer a little clarification on the spinning groups: there are two guilds--one is in the bristol area, and one is in the chittenden county area. the one in the bristol area meets during the week, and has the speaker, and etc. They have a different name. The Fifth Wheel Spinning group, which i've been a member of for 15 years (but haven't been to a meeting in over a year due to the meeting time) meets on usually the 3rd Saturday of the month, rotates to various locations and has the potluck lunch (fabulous cooks!) It's vary laid back!

    there are some people who attend both groups, and there are lots of wonderful people in both groups! cheers!

  4. oh, the name of the bristol area guild is "Twist o' Wool" !

  5. How gorgeous! What a peaceful place - and to spin on top of it - must have been so relaxing. Good luck with all of your spinning on your new wheel (score!). Looking forward to checking in on your projects and life.

  6. Hiya Joansie,
    I don't know if I told you this yet or not BUT.......... I've gotten myself a couple spindles (a Schact 2.2 oz. and a Spinsanity 1.0 oz).
    I've learned how to spin. WOOHOOO!!!
    I love the area that you've shown it's beautiful. Looks almost like a painting!!!

  7. Wow, beautiful! Maybe I should convince my husband that we need to move to Vermont upon retirement in a few years. I want to come play!