Saturday, August 2, 2008

Diamondy Socks

Pattern: Diamondy Socks (<--click for free pattern)
Yarn: Knitpicks Essential
Fingering weight, size 2 needles, knitted using magic loop method

A very quick knit as most of the sock is knitted in stockinette stitch except for the 9 stitch pattern down the middle of each side of the leg. The true colorway is a deep burgundy wine... very beautiful!!
If you are in a hurry to knit a gift for someone, this is a good pattern selection. I needed something easy to knit during my commute to work and this was perfect.

One sock is completed and I must be good and finish the 2nd one. I have about 4 single socks that are pretty lonely and looking for a mate. I even joined the "SSS" (Single Sock Syndrome) group on Ravelry trying to be accountable for those single socks. There's also a group that knits one sock and then exchanges the sock, pattern and yarn with someone else who has completed one sock. The goal is to have a completed pair. In all fairness, I have completed about 30 pairs of socks so these few stray ones need not make me feel guilty.

Another rainy weekend in Vermont......perfect for knitting!

I've been known to stand up for certain causes and I'll have to blog about it tomorrow. It's been in draft form while I decided whether or not to blog about it. Just to peake your curiosity, the blog will be titled "Tackling A Giant"!!!

Happy Knitting!


  1. very cute - very cute- I love the hat- does it come in my big head size????
    Are you going to blog about the way Walmart is telling ( in a round about way) their help not to vote DEM to keep the unions out??? I'm so loving all the fall out over the Manny trade-

  2. Great pattern. I've put it in my que on Ravelry. Maybe I'll use the Neapolitan I blogged about.... hmmmmm

    Are these for you?

  3. Very nice sock!

    You have made me curious...What it this issue you have been considering blogging about?

  4. love the sock ( sson to be apair!)

    I queued that pattern.

  5. Love the sock! Yes, do be a good girl and finish the mate. I should talk: I'm still struggling away on the first knee sock for my niece. Will probably take it with me to work on in California...

  6. Very nice looking patter for those socks. You always do such a nice job on the socks. :)