Friday, August 15, 2008

Is It Knitting Project Theft?

I posted earlier today and quickly deleted it. I wrote it in the "heat of the moment" and thought I needed to run it by a few people before posting about it. Read on to see what happened.

A short time ago I read on someone's blog that their knitting project pictures were being stolen and used on other blogs. I'm told there are blogs out that are sponsored by advertisers that earn money for each visitor to the site. To improve the # of visitors, of course, they have to post regularly and thus the plagiarism in the knitting world.

I was on Ravelry and recognized one of my knitting pictures on someone else's project page. There was no doubt about it, absolutely none. I was not a "happy camper" and quickly sent her an e-mail telling her I did not appreciate it. The project (mine) on her page was also tagged for a knitting Olympics team that she belongs to. Well, looking closely at the page, in her comments section she states that she did indeed take the picture but if you are familiar with Ravelry, my project should have been on her "favorites or queued" page. Though not completely dishonest, it certainly was misleading.

I completed a quick project today that I am very happy with. Pics to come after I have had time to weave in the ends.

I will be spending the day tomorrow with the "5th Wheel Spinners" from 10-4 including a pot luck lunch. They meet once a month and this will be my first time with the group. I do know a couple of the members. The drive is about an hour through beautiful farm country and the weather is "promising".

Happy Knitting!


  1. Hi Joansie - sorry about the Ravelry pic thing. I don't have an answer to your question, and I don't participate in Ravelry (too large, no time). I just wanted to tell you that I love the slideshow, and love the little sweater w/ the rabbits and carrot buttons. You are a good knitter.

  2. Well, the picture's gone.... As are many others. I wonder if she thought she ought to take down all the "borrowed" ones now that she'd been outed!

    Did you see her comment about it on her Projects page?

    "Fantasy project #2. Again, I hope to actually complete this project before November. I originally got this pattern link from an online contact (fiberaddict on Ravelry) who actually made this in a color similar to the yarn I have. It is available through Ravelry as a free pattern."

  3. Ugh! That really stinks. I have seen many people taking pictures from others. Not nice at all.

  4. Sorry that someone is stealing your pictures :(. I haven't ever looked to see if anyone is doing that to me, not sure why they would want to tho ;P.

    I hope you enjoyed your spinning group, please post about it!!! You will find most spinners very helpful and fun!!!

  5. People do the strangest things sometimes to try to get others to think more highly of them when they can't themselves. It's an odd compliment to be stolen from that way by someone you could only feel sorry for--while being glad not to be them. Whether they get caught or not, *they* know they did it, and they can't ever escape that fact.