Sunday, August 31, 2008

Midwest Moonlight Scarf

Pattern: Midwest Moonlight from the book, "Scarf Style"
Yarn: Classic Yarns Cashsoft DK 57 ultra fine merino, 33% acrylic, 10% cashmere
Needles: Size 8

The scarf pattern from the book pictured above had several false starts. I frogged several times before getting it right. It was knitter fatigue, I decided.
The scarf is fairly wide and could be used as a head scarf which I love the feeling of being enveloped in warmth and softness on those days when snowflakes are slowly falling. If you are in a warm climate, does the thought of snowflakes make you feel cooler?

I'm told the pattern looks like the quilting "Falling Blocks". Kim help me out on this one!!! Kim is the greatest quilter so check out her blog.
I included the above picture as can't you almost feel the softness. Just 10% cashmere really makes a difference.

I'm keeping this scarf for myself. It almost, now I said almost, makes me wish for winter. (Someone please take my temperature!)

The weather has been beautiful. Our local fair has been the attraction this week. They predicted 350,000 people would attend. (Can that # be correct?) Anyway, I think they were all here today as the Jonas Brothers were having a concert.

Regarding the info on adoption on my blog the other day, several of you rightfully expressed concern. The adoptee, first thought to be a baby by my daughter, is actually a 14 year-old girl who was an exchange student with the family who adopted her. They have no other children. I don't know the details of how she became adoptable but she is safe with this loving and caring family.

I've been closely listening to the news today. I pray that people down South will be safe. Gustav is predicted to be the storm of the century.


  1. It is beautiful, and looks delightfully soft and smooshy! I can absolutely imagine keeping warm with it on a lazy, snowy afternoon.

  2. Wow its beautiful and will look good on you too!

  3. Your scarf is so beautiful! And yes, the thought of snowflakes (I nearly wrote sunflakes!) does make me feel cooler. :) I love both the pattern and color of your scarf. And I agree with Jill, it will look lovely on you, especially with your eyes.

  4. You are right it looks very soft, I haven't knit with Cashmere yet, gonna have to try spin a roving with some cashmere content, I bet it is even softer to spin :). I like the design it's pretty and the fact that it does pull up into a hood makes it nice in the colder weather, which I am fixing to go back into. sigh.

  5. Hey there! Thanks for commenting on my blog - I looked for an email address but couldn't find one, so I'm answering via comments.

    I think we may have been almost-neighbors - while I grew up in Putney, I lived in the Burlington area for 23 years, mostly in Essex Junction. In 2004 I finally left the area and spent 2 years living in Woodstock (VT not NY) before we moved out west.

    We do miss Vermont a lot and we'll be back some day - I want to go back to the CV Fair!

  6. Beautiful Scarf! Love those colors. :) And it does look really soft. :) Gosh, is it really getting close to winter time? Although here we hardly ever get snow, but it does get a little bit cold. I do sometimes wish for the big snowfalls here, well untill I remember all the messy roads.

  7. blue, my favorite color :)
    What's not to like?

  8. Got a phone call yesterday; our son in Mississippi's fine. My hopes that everybody else's are, too.

  9. Awesome! Man that looks complicated. Beautiful color and you're right I can feel the softness from your picture.