Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rosette Baby Sweater

Pattern: Valley Yarns #200 April to December
Yarn: Southwick Valley Yarns - 52% Pima Cotton - 48% Bamboo (DK weight)

(5 skeins)

I’m delighted with this sweater. It was an easy knit and the yarn was yummy. This project brought me much joy and I felt a touch of melancholy seeing it come to an end. That is probably the reason (at least one of them) as to why it was so very near completion, yet sat in my knitting basket with an occasional loving glance from me while I was cheating and knitting my next project. The sweater is smaller and daintier than how it appears in the pictures. It is a size 3 months.

The cost of the sweater set was a little $$$ but it was worth it. With a 25% discount on the yarn, buttons and rosettes, the final tally was $30. Non-knitters, when receiving such a gift, are not aware of the cost of quality yarn, never mind the labor.

I have a thing for buttons. I will search high and low for just the right ones. When working on crafts we sometimes revert back to childlike habits. My mother had this long, rectangular, beige-colored button box. As a little girl I spent hours stringing like buttons together so that she would know quickly what she had in case the need arose. I enjoyed the rustling sound of the buttons in the box as I searched as if I were putting a puzzle together. Of course, I never ever saw my mother even thread a needle though she had a sewing machine, etc.

For the baby sweater, I wanted the simplest of buttons so as to not detract from the beauty of the sweater and rosettes, themselves.

I added my label for a special touch!

And, of course, you remember the bonnet from a previous post.

A little close up for you!

On another note, I have finished Kim’s socks, and though I gave her a sneak preview of the two pairs I knitted in exchange for the beautiful quilted wall hanging she made me, she has not yet seen the completed brown pair. They were shipped today and once she has received them, I will post pictures. I'm a couple of projects behind in my posting.

Happy Knitting!


  1. The swaeter and the matching bonnett are precious. Perfect button choice too. I love your photograph wi the tree a'bloomin in the background!

  2. The set is beautiful. It will be a wonderful gift.
    I's true that non-knitters don't understand the expense of high quality hand knits, but could you even bear to knit such a pretty piece in Super Saver?

  3. What a lovely set! The buttons and rosettes make it even more special. It's a shame it will be outgrown so quickly...

  4. Oh my that is beautiful! What a lovely sweater and hat. What is the pattern name?

  5. So...gorgeous!!! Thank you for giving me something adorable to stare at on such a yucky day.

  6. Joansie, it's gorgeous! Such a wonderful project! I forget, where is this one going?

  7. Oh my gosh!!! It is sooo adorable Joansie:) I am sooooo happy I have found you again. I used to go to your 260 page all the time. But I gave up on all of that, I was having sooo many problems with it. I sure do miss my friends there.
    Anyway, the sweater is wonderful. :)

  8. Oh wow! What a beautiful sweater and what a unique way of taking a photo! This is so beautiful to look at. I love the matching bonnet, too. Yes, you selected the perfect buttons.

    The bonnet is a true baby bonnet...very traditional & that makes it all the more striking,

  9. That set is absolutely beautiful and so precious! You did a fabulous job; I don't blame you for wanting to delay completing it.

  10. That is just fantastic! It's just so beautiful and elegant. You are justified to be proud.

  11. This is just so darling :o) Makes me broody for more ;o) Beautiful knitting and I dan imagine how wonderful it feels. The roses just set it off perfectly. A certain baby is going to look so cute and well turned out in this set

  12. that set is absolutely adorable!! you do such wonderful work!
    Hope you are doing fine!!!


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  14. Gosh but your work is beautiful!

  15. Beyond Beautiful!!! It is truly precious. You're right a non knitter,crafter etc. doesn't have an idea what all goes into the items we make. I hope whom ever receives this is one who truly truly appreciates your beautiful work.

    I'm pea green with envy.

    Stop in for a visit, and have a wonderful wkend.

  16. Absolutely Beautiful! Your work is detailed. And you are right, this would go perfectly with my tulip afghan. Can't wait to see what you create next.