Saturday, May 17, 2008

Primavea Socks For Kim

These "Primavera" socks along with the "Blueberry Socks" were sent to Kim earlier this week as part of an exchange. I believe she is away so I have not heard from her yet as to how she likes them. She selected the color and I selected the pattern. She in turn quilted me a beautiful wall hanging that you can see in a previous post.
The pattern is extremely easy to remember and can be found for free on Ravelry. The first 5 rows are the same and the 6th row creates a mock cable stitch. I like this pattern so much that I have already started a pair for myself in a dark caramel color which really looks more like "brick". More on that later.

The book is one of my favorites because I, too, am from Maine originally. One of the women featured is Margaret Chase Smith who was a U.S. senator in days when there were only two women in the Senate. She was a great lady. Her signature mark was the daily fresh rosebud she wore in the lapel to her business suit.

On the home front, the neighbors decided to be quiet last night and I got to sleep. I actually got dressed at 1:30 a.m. the other morning and went over to tell them to turn the "dang" music down. This has been going on for about two weeks. I have spoken with them, etc. and they are always polite but keep it up. Fortunately, they are moving shortly. Not soon enough for me.

I felt like I hit the lottery last Thursday. My new glasses finally arrived after a serious delay at the lab. It was also payday. (Glasses are not the ones in the pic.) I can see well again after suffering without glasses for about 3 weeks after I broke my last pair.

Today, I visited my LYS. They were having a sale. I was good. I purchased very little and will post the yarn later when my Knitpicks order arrives. That was shipped last Thursday also. So, feeling lucky with all the positive things of Thursday, I purchased two lottery tickets today.

Life is good......things are looking up. I'm visiting my family next weekend in R.I.

Happy Knitting!


  1. The socks look great. I'm sure Kim is going to love them.

  2. Socks are gorgeous.

    I had to call the police to get my neighbors to turn it down.

    New yarn and glasses to see it with! What a great day!

  3. I hate how blogger won't let you email someone directly from their comment. We should beat up google and make them change that.

    Anyway, this is in response to your comment about Jakob still sleeping with his Mom and Dad -- it's so cool and astonishing to me at the same time that more and more people are co-sleeping. I think it's good for the baby, and good for the moms (and probably daddys too). I know I got more sleep with Lucy in our bed than I would have with her in her own room; if we can get through this weird grumbly thing, she may stay in bed with us a while longer, but I expect I'll always maintain a pretty open-door policy, even when she starts officially sleeping on her own.

  4. Beautiful socks!

    We have neighbors who are too loud, too. Not always the same people, either! Avi keeps suggesting we move out to the middle of the desert, LOL.

    I should be getting some new glasses soon, myself. I took Liat in for a checkup and found out I last had my eyes checked in 2003!

  5. Nice socks! Love the color1