Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wedding and Butterflies!!!

Originally posted on my Yahoo 360 Blog on July 9, 2007

Joansie, Daughter Emily, Son-In-Law Lance (9/5/03)
(Emily is Jakob’s mom)

Memories were evoked yesterday after reading “The Sand Pit” (Renate) and the distress she was experiencing that her neighbor mowed down the milkweed that attracted butterflies. However, my memories were pleasant ones.

My father-in-law raised monarch butterflies and would bring them to area schools to educate the children. He was deeply loved by my daughters. He never tired of spending quality time with them as children. He passed away over 20 years ago at a relatively young age from a diseased heart.

When my younger daughter married almost 4 years ago she wanted to remember and honor her grandfather. She purchased 20 monarch butterflies to be released at her oceanside wedding with the help of her grandmother. One of the butterflies flew off and returned and landed in my daughter’s hair. We decided it was a message saying that her grandfather was looking after her.

I do see monarch butterflies in Vermont but not in the numbers I see in R.I. Their migration path flows through that area and is difficult to avoid them when driving down the highway at certain times of the year.

So, Renate, your neighbor is not “stopping to smell the roses”. How sad that he would mow down the milkweed on what was “Earth Day” around the world.

Just a side note. I loved my dress that I wore that day. It was a $250 dress marked down to $30. It was exactly the style and color I was looking for.


  1. Beautiful Bride and I love your dress. The color looks so good on you .It is one of my favorite colors.

  2. Joansie your daughter is a stunningly beautiful bride! I see a resemblence to you.

  3. I remember this post well from our days over on 360, it is as beautiful now as it was then. Even though I had read this before, it gave me goosebumps...I do believe he was with indeed with her that day.

    I get excited when I see butterflies, it's just not like it was when we were kids. Hubby and I've been to the butterfly gardens multiple times. It's facinating. We went to some gardens once in Arizona, once in St. Louis, and I think twice here in Columbus.

    The post is beautiful, the dresses are beautiful, and your daughter was a beautiful bride. What a wonderful memory.

    Next time my sister and I go out for lunch, I'll think of you.


  4. Beautiful. Wow.

    My kids' old kindergarten teacher keeps a corner of the room walled off with netting, where the kids raise milkweed plants in the window and raise monarch butterflies. When a kid starts to have a meltdown, she tells them they need some butterfly time for a moment.