Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baby Surprise Jacket - Got Worms?

Pattern: Elizabeth Zimmermann "Baby Surprise Jacket"
Needles: Size 7 (or is it 8?)
Yarn: Encore

Just a sneak peek! I thought I was going to be able to finish this Elizabeth Zimmerman "Baby Surprise Jacket" this evening and show you but........first, don't you just love those fish buttons. They make a statement of "let's play, let's have fun!

The reason this sweater won't be finish this evening is that I need to frog back about six rows which is really frustrating at this point. Those two garter rows probably needed to be in yellow yarn. I haven't frogged back yet but this will bug me if I don't.

Today, I drove to my favorite knitting spot called "The Sand Bar". The weather was perfect with a slight breeze and no bugs. It was a little taste of paradise!

In the background are the beautiful Adirondack Mountains of New York! Lake Champlain is 250 miles long and we are currently celebrating the 400th anniversary of its discovery by Samuel de Champlain.
More of what I was seeing today!

This friendly couple were beside me and look at..........

what they caught. These two bass had a date with the grill this evening. (weep)

I'm on vacation this week and will be home for a couple more days before I head out to...well, I'll tell you later in pictures. In the meantime, I don't mind being in Vermont as I'm so fortunate to live in such a beautiful state.
Happy Knitting!


  1. Beautiful. Enjoy your vacation!

  2. All your water activities look nice and cool. We've been in the 100s with 50% humidity. Nasty.

    Love your fishies.... I got all the decreases down on BSJ#2. Bulky yarn, size 8's huge!. I'll bet it'll fit my 8 year old granddaughter!

  3. Lucky you! What a great place to knit!

  4. Joansie,
    I am glad you are having some relaxing time this week.
    This looks like a beautiful place to do it too.

  5. yummmm fresh bass for dinner.
    I guess I wont be camping this summer :(
    Love the sweater too- one day I'll learn to knit

  6. Baby Surprise Jacket...Got worms? Whew! You had me worried there for a minute! :-) Someone gave me wool yarn had little wormy things in it! Ugg! I'm glad that this isn't the case for you. Your BSJ is lovely! I love the colors and the buttons are adorable!

    The photography is so beautiful...I feel like I'm there w/you.

  7. Have a great vacation! You deserve a little relax time after the "fun" you endured in Denver. Take lots of pictures for us!

    Bummer about the sweater, I hate to frog. But those buttons... too cute!

    The lake looks divine. I miss hanging out at the lake, watching boats and people fishing. I like the ocean, but it's not the same. It's not peaceful and serene. It's wild, and rolling.

  8. I'm on my way, Joansie. I miss the Lake Cottage; so today we went to visit a friend who has a cottage at one of the lakes around here. It was so nice. And the BSJ is also looking good. Renate

  9. Wonderful pictures!! I'll look forward to seeing the BSJ. I am going to make one, one of these days when I figure out how to make a few more hrs in the day :P.

  10. I want to come and sit beside you in your knitting spot and learn from you and ohhhhhhhh take in the sites.