Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BSJ - Sherbert

Ok, I know, I'm addicted to this pattern. Rarely do I knit a pattern more than once, perhaps twice but never three times and this is my third Baby Surprise Jacket.

I love the colorway. This one is in a sport weight and easier to knit and kinder to my hands.
By the time you read this, I will be away on vacation. I'm behind in blog reading and comments. I'll catch up when I return.

Happy Knitting!!


  1. Love the colorway... and those buttons... TOO, TOO CUTE!!!!

    Hope you have a great vacation! Can't wait to see the pictures. ;)

  2. Oh, that colorway is gorgeous!

  3. they are all just soo pretty! am tempted to knit one myself now. Have to find a willing victim to wear it first hmmmm. Hope you are haveing a good vacation.

  4. Silly question on last post. Of course you've already CO another one! The colors are pretty. Are you going to add solid stripes to it? I was out alot yesterday so didn't get as much done on my 2nd one as I'd have liked. Out today making mud pies, so may have to work on it at knitting group tonight!

  5. Love the colorway too, you've got lots of company there. And the buttons, too cute. I need to find out what pattern it is you're making more than once!!! Hold the phone girl. lol Serioiusly, I'm trying hard to get back into crafting; but it's been a struggle.

    Where you off to? How long will you be gone? Have a wonderful time, and of course ....pictures! We'll leave the light on for your return.

    Hugs and safe travels

  6. Joansie,
    I hope you have a wonderful vacation and come home rested and relaxed.
    Hope you do have lots of pictures.
    Elsie <><

  7. Oh this is gorgeous! Wherever do you find such cute buttons? I can never find anything like that for my projects.