Tuesday, July 7, 2009

BSJ - Got Worms?

Pattern: Baby Surprise Jacket
Yarn: Plymouth Encore (2 skeins)
Needles: Denise Size 7

This is my 2nd BSJ. It is an addictive pattern. I joined the Ravelry KAL and instead of doing the number of rows for the first of five weeks. I just kept going. I've started another one that I'll show you tomorrow.
Don't you just love these fish buttons! When I sew on the buttons I also sew a clear button on the back to reinforce that section of knitting from the possible pull on that area.

I finished the edge with an I-cord. Though time-consuming a finish, it adds a special touch.
I added my label to the bottom edge. I usually sew it on the neck edge but I didn't want it to feel scratchy to a newborn's skin.

Happy Knitting!!!!


  1. That is very nice!! I have been wanting to knit that pattern for a while now.

  2. As is all your knitting, this one is very nice.
    Would you mind telling us where you order your labels?

  3. It turned our wonderful! Colors are fantastic! Love the buttons. Great job!!!! Have you CO another one yet? :)

  4. More than adorable...way more. Fish buttons...you've really out down yourself this time. Ok...so where do I find this pattern, and is it one I can do? I see it's garter stitch which is exciting to be.


  5. This is too cute for words! Love the buttons! I like the idea of putting the label on the bottom of the sweater, too. I don't like anything scratchy on my neck either.