Monday, July 20, 2009

The "Gift"...Are You Kidding Me?

Today was move day at the office. If someone could only get the license plate number on my forehead of the Mack truck who hit me today, it would be most helpful!

In recent weeks I have noticed that fast food chains are removing their trash cans in the parking lots. Yet they promote "supersize" meals, etc.

The owner of my apartment building has also "downsized" the trash dumpster leaving us with no place to dump trash the last two days of the week before pickup day.

Last week I arrived at work to find this little "gift" on my desk.

It's a mini trash can with a note inside!!!!! Everyone had the same "gift" on their desk. You are probably getting curious as to why I would have the word gift in quotes.

Don't strain to read what the pic below states. It is merely important information regarding my office custodial service change.

Zooming in on the note you will notice that is says "this is probably all you will need".

However, you will notice in the first picture that the "note" doesn't even fit in the trash can, allowing the owner to secure the lid.
So to compare..........
the bin on the left is my trash, the bin on the right is my recycle and the bin in the middle is my new trash can.
We now have to transport our trash to a central location for pickup. We do have the option of keeping the current trash cans. So someone earning over $100,000/yr. is going to transport his/her trash? Will they ask their assistant to do this task? Cost effective? I think not.
However, on the positive side, it really has me thinking as to what to print, what to discard because I better darn well be able to carry it all.

Isn't this hilarious!!!

The office...the new office is beginning to look nice. I will miss being able to look outside while working.


  1. I never know what I'll read about on your blog. (Giggle). I'm dumbfounded by the "gift". So, will you be "docked" for all the time spent away from your desk, because of all of your trips out to empty your little container? Just unbelieveable.

  2. Oh dear,
    the world really has gorn to the dogs!

  3. Very nice steps taken for saving the environment. LOL now you have got 3 cans, I can't manage so much :P

  4. I have an attorney friend whose office got told they were now going to be charged pennies per minute they used on their cell phones and have it deducted from their pay. The guy kinda went bug-eyed and went to management and asked, simply, does this say this?


    So that means it'll come to how much per attorney? And you're (paying someone to be, but he didn't add that part) tracking this?

    Oh. That does sound rather...petty, doesn'

    You might say that.

    End of new policy.

  5. PFFT!! Allison had it when she said it sounded kinda petty. Do they really honestly think that you will be able to get all your trash in there? If not, I would take it all and dump it outside the person's office who thought this up and let them figure out a way to get rid of it :P. Sheesh

  6. I'm glad to see more companies doing this. After all no one is to good to remove their own trash. AND, watch how much neater things are when people have to clean up after themselves. Now on the green side....about time. Hubby's office has been doing this for about 7 years. There is one central location, everyone including the executive director puts their stuff there. Hubby, being the only male always takes it outside on the proper day.

    The school where my daughter taught did this too. Actually, it's been 7 years since she graduated from HS and her school way back then did it too.

    I've not seen changes at fast food, gonna have to look closely when I go next.


  7. I really have to say that I still get a chuckle when I see the picture of your little trash can. Have you filled it yet?????

  8. You made my day..That is sick, but you sure found the humor:)

  9. OMG Joansie if it weren't so sad, it would be funny. Years ago when I was still living in Ohio, my boss came to me with his trash can in his hands, repeating over and over "Renate what should I do with this?" I finally said to him, "I don't know unless you tell me what is in your trash can." It was a wee field mouse that was caught in it, desperately trying to get out.

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