Sunday, July 19, 2009

BSJ-Sherbet Is Done!

This pattern for the Baby Surprise Jacket, designed by Elizabeth Zimmerman, can be found at "Schoolhouse Press". It was knit using a sportweight yarn and size 6 needles.

I forgot to take a picture before seaming the shoulders (the only seam to the sweater) but it looks like a piece of origami that you fold and.....voila!!!! have a sweater. There is currently a KAL (knit-a-long) on Ravelry. It's a classic pattern dating back to the '50's.

A back view............
Buttons can "make or break" how I feel about a project.
I finished the sweater using an
I-cord Kitchener bind off. The buttons I originally selected just didn't work in the end so I purchased those shown instead. Cute as they are, they get caught in the yarn when trying to button the sweater, etc.

I file this particular BSJ in the "deflated balloon" category. I was so happy with it when I started this 3rd BSJ. I was on vacation, not paying as close attention, had to frog back some, and not happy with the yarn used as a border. The buttonholes are not my best work either. There may also be something wrong with the neckline as it looks awfully narrow. So, in the end, it was like a deflated balloon and happy to have finally finished it and move on to another project.
Buttons were on sale (like in discontinued sale) at Jo'Ann's. I have a thing for buttons so I went a little wild in the department. I found this article,
"Great-Aunt Belle's Buttons", very interesting.

You all know that I want to learn how to tat. Look at these absolutely gorgeous
tatted buttons. I want six of those.

Need to use up leftover walnut size balls of fingering sock yarn? Check this out....
knitted/quilted greeting cards.

Ivoryblushroses is a blog I faithfully read. Of particular interest is the current ocean theme exchange. I wish those blocks were mine. They do inspire me greatly. Check here also. If you go back in time on this person's blog you will see the wonderful things she makes with Altoid tin boxes.

Great day at the lake today. Lots of knitting done and rested and relaxed for my big office move tomorrow.

Happy Knitting!


  1. I love those buttons Joansie.
    Looks like you done a great job knitting this one.
    You are right about the neck looking small ...hum ..maybe they didn't plan to button it ..

    Good job on finding those buttons. They can be hard to find , I know

  2. What a beautiful sweater! I love the color and the buttons. I can never find buttons.

    What an accurate description, "deflated balloon". That's that way I feel about so many of my projects while I'm in the middle of knitting them. That's no good!

  3. Very pretty....are you going to put this away for a gift?

    I know that anti-climatic feeling, too.....

  4. Hey Joansie!!!

    ITs been awhile since I have stopped by. Have missed ya :) Been a busy summer. The sweater turned out beautiful. :)

  5. So great this I-cord kitchener thing.
    I never like how the join of an I-cord trim looks.